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Music Monday – Bootstraps


I’m sure you’re all expecting to me to share Adele’s new album ’25’ for Music Monday today, aren’t you? Well, I’m not. And not because I don’t think it’s good. (Hello, I just basically had a countdown on Facebook all last week! 😉 ) We’ve all heard “Hello” (which I did share) and I’m just going to tell you that… Read more »

Music Monday: Colony House

colony house feature

Did everyone have a good weekend? As I’m sure you can imagine, I spent mine unpacking and trying to get settled into my new apartment. Today starts my first day at the new job (gulp) and I’m definitely feeling a bit anxious; excited, but anxious. Before we jump into today’s Music Monday, I wanted to quickly show you all my… Read more »

Music Monday: Chadwick Stokes

Honestly, I have no idea how I came across today’s Music Monday artist, Chadwick Stokes. I must have run across a couple songs a few weeks (or maybe months?) ago and was intrigued enough to make a note in my list of post ideas, but then got distracted by something else long enough to totally forget about it. Regardless, I’m… Read more »

Wherever Is Your Heart by Brandi Carlile


How was everyone’s weekend? I spent mine visiting the boy which was quite nice. We watched a couple really good movies, brewed kombucha, bottled beer and slept in. I like to think I’m pretty easy to please and honestly a relaxing weekend is almost always what the doctor ordered. This weekend, that was exactly the case. But now we’re at… Read more »

Hello by Adele

Katie   October 26, 2015   24 Comments on Hello by Adele
adele music monday

“hello, it’s me. i was wondering if after all these years you’d lied to me. to go over, everything…they say that time’s supposed to heal ya, but i haven’t done much healing…” repeat. repeat. repeat. “hello from the other side….I must have called a thousand times…to tell you, I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done…” repeat. repeat. repeat. Do you… Read more »