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Katie   May 23, 2016   13 Comments on “Weathered”

Watching those we love grow old is never easy, even though we know it’s going to happen. For the last several years, I’ve watched my grandmother age and as her Alzheimer’s took over her mind and body more and more. She’s my last living grandparent, since losing Uncle Ken in August last year, and last week she was officially put… Read more »

Take The World By Storm


I’ve always dreamt of travel Why should we die where we were born? Some roads are laid with gravel Sometimes you gotta build your own I wanna tear down boundaries I wanna greet my enemies I wanna see what I haven’t seen Cause I know there’s more I take the world by storm It’s almost like I could have written… Read more »

Beautiful Lies

Katie   May 9, 2016   12 Comments on Beautiful Lies

I slipped away last week for a long weekend in New Jersey. There was some (private) business to attend to but there was also built in time with a few friends. Not enough time and I didn’t get to see everyone, but I saw who I could with the time I had and that’s what counts. Friday was a really… Read more »

YOUR Best Workout Playlist

best playlist

A couple weeks ago, I asked you to let me know a song or two that inspires you through some of your toughest workouts. I wanted to compile them into one, kick-butt motivational workout playlist and I’m happy to say that today is the day we all kick our workouts up a notch with this playlist! Through your suggestions and… Read more »

I Had A Dream

Katie   April 25, 2016   13 Comments on I Had A Dream
mm dream FB

I drove home this past weekend for a quick catch up with friends and family. I swear there is never enough time to see all of the people that I want to see and never enough time with each one. Never. Before the madness ensues on these weekends, I always love starting my days with a workout, specifically a run… Read more »

The Most Motivational Workout Playlist


With spring here (can we just give a big THANK YOU, MOTHER NATURE for the beautiful weather this weekend?! -sorry, Colorado), getting outside for a workout becomes more and more attractive. Despite a long weekend of working at my second job, the weather was just way too beautiful to pass up. My morning on Saturday was filled with errands (i.e…. Read more »

Music Monday – CLEOPATRA

MM cleo

Some of you may know this, but others may not. I used to work with today’s Music Monday band for a few years. We don’t need to go into the details or anything, I share this mostly as an anecdote and history behind a few of my opinions on the new album… The new album…the long awaited new album… I’ve… Read more »