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“Broken Over You” Grace Mitchell

We’ve all had someone that’s made us feel a little broken inside. Whether it be a crush, someone we dated briefly, or the love that we lost. As I listen to “Broken Over You” by Grace Mitchell, I think of those experiences. I think of those guys that I could hardly utter a sound around. The ones that I couldn’t fully let myself open up to. The ones that drove me a little crazy (or rather made me feel a little crazy). And the ones that I wished things would have gone better.

grace mitchell

This isn’t meant to be upsetting. In fact, it’s quite far from it. Because as I look back on all of those past relationships and dating experiences, I see why they didn’t work. I see what I needed to learn from them or learn about myself. I see the growth that needed to happen in us (in ME). I see all the wrong place, wrong time.

Yes, I’m still single. Yes, I’m still figuring things out. And no, I’m not in any kind of rush. I know that time and patience and continually doing my thing and living this crazy (and amazing) journey we call life must keep happening. I know that my time will come; the time when I won’t be reading these lyrics and thinking of those in my past. The time when I’ll be able to look this unknown man in the eyes and not feel broken, but rather full of life and love.

I’m sorry…was that a bit deep for a Monday Morning? Sometimes it’s just so marvelous to feel inspired by music that your words just flow. Today’s one of those.

What are you listening to this week?

The Music Currently Feeding My Soul

It’s been a couple weeks since we talked music and despite that not being my main focus (aka not my current job), it’s not any less of being a necessity in my life. Good music gets me through the long drives, the tough moments, the good moments, and carries me through some of the hardest workouts.


We hit the road Saturday late afternoon to drive to Gatlinburg, TN so could hang out with a friend and his family on Sunday. When we arrived at a nearby RV campground and got set up, I sat down to start working on some work. I turned on Spotify and started listening to one of the radio stations when a song by Kaleo started playing and stopped me in my tracks. I closed my eyes, listened and when the song was over switched from the radio to listen to more.

When I woke up early Sunday morning, I grabbed my laptop, headphones, notebook of my to-do list and opened up Spotify again. There was no question, I needed to hear more of this.

Good music fuels my soul and it’s been missing lately. At least the kind that taps into my heart, drags out emotion, fills in missing spaces, and brings me the strength that I need for whatever the day may bring me.

And while I may say life on the road is hard, let’s get real – life NOT on the road can be hard as well. It’s not about whether it’s hard or easy, it’s about how we handle it, how we view those challenges, how we impact the world. I didn’t set out on this year to do something mediocre; I set out because I wanted to do something amazing; I wanted to touch someone and change their life; I wanted to push boundaries (my own included); I wanted to make a huge impact.


So while those things may not be easy, while they may tear me down somedays, the important thing is that I’m taking care of myself so I can have the best opportunity for success. For me, that includes good music.

What are you listening to and loving this week?

*Good music totally calls for a MIMM!*