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Lately I have been feeling a bit out of the music loop, listening to a lot of the same things or listening to more podcasts than music. I know it sounds crazy, but I’ve been battling the music enthusiast inside of me, waiting for something to really inspire me or get me excited again. It just wasn’t happening…until this week.


I’ve been making a conscious effort to unsubscribe from emails I usually delete without opening lately but when I got my weekly AllMusic email, I stopped. I usually open them, skim for any albums or artists that catch my attention and then delete them. This week I saved it, caught by a few different albums…first and foremost though, I stopped and made a note to look up the new Atlas Genius album, Inanimate Objects.

I looked up the first single, “Molecules” to see what it was all about before moving on to the rest of the album. LOVED it!

You all know I’m big on lyrics and a song bringing out an emotion or feeling so when I heard these lyrics, they really hit me like a ton of bricks:

I wanna confess that you own me

And we don’t rest if we’re lonely

There’s innocence in the moment

Maybe now’s the time to be alive

I’m all about taking risks, about living my best life, about doing something that might be a little crazy but that ultimately feels right in my heart. I’m not sure what that next little bit looks like but I trust it will come when it’s supposed to and however it’s supposed to.

Now’s the time to be alive, to enjoy every moment and having lost two family members in the last 3 weeks, that feeling is stronger than ever.


So listen to the new Atlas Genius album, take what you will from it, but know that it’s worth every moment.

Deja Vu

Has that ever happened to you?


I was walking along the beach the other week (keep in mind this is my first time in Hawaii); headphones in my ears, sand between my toes; I look up and see this lighthouse kind of thing at the end of the beach. It might not seem like anything special or like I’m re-living last night as I walked the beach with my family, but I can assure it was different. It was something that I’ve done before, even if only in a dream of sorts.

Regardless it got me thinking. Between a major case of deja vu, a lot of stress and a 3 mile walk on the beach, that’ll happen.

struts mm

Blasting through my ears was “It Could Have Been Me” by The Struts and the lyrics were just screaming out to me:

I wanna taste love and pain

I wanna feel pride and shame

I don’t wanna take my time

I don’t wanna waste one line

I wanna live better days

Never look back and say

It could have been me

I’ve been listening to this song basically on repeat for the last week or so and every time it comes on, I just want to turn it up really loud and sing along with every thing I have.

Things happen how they are supposed to and I’m learning this lesson more and more each day. Being reminded that nothing in life will be easy or always go as planned and that is all part of the journey.