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Don’t You Cry For Me


How was everyone’s weekend? A video posted by Katie A (@iamkatiearnold) on Jul 8, 2016 at 6:56pm PDT I originally had plans to head back to Chicago for a girl’s day and while plans fell through, I’m definitely not complaining. I swear the last several weekends have just felt crazy and hectic and nonstop so to get the weekend to… Read more »

All Is Well

Katie   July 4, 2016   6 Comments on All Is Well

Happy 4th of July, friends! If you don’t reside in the U.S. then Happy July, Happy Monday, or Happy Whatever You Want to Celebrate! 😉 I’ve been spending my weekend in Illinois with family and friends but am heading back to Michigan bright and early to (try and) avoid as much traffic as humanly possible and get myself all caught… Read more »

“After Rain” by Dermot Kennedy

dermot kennedy

Time and time again, some of my favorite songs are the ones that take me completely off guard. I never see the moment coming. Oftentimes I’m at work and only semi paying attention to the music playing in my ears. I’ll be looking at click through rates or video engagement or scheduling out a handful of posts. I’ll be in… Read more »

“Unlove You” & Weekend Fun

unlove you fb

You know how there’s always that song that you hear it and can’t help but sing along? That was me the first time I hear “Unlove You” by Jennifer Nettles. Whether or not you’re a country fan, this song is powerful and you hear it in her voice, the lyrics, and the accompanying music. It’s the kind of song that… Read more »

I Wasn’t Expecting That

expecting that

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat (@iamkatiearnold for both), then you know I was traveling last week. I didn’t really talk about it on the blog, but I spent my week in Seattle hanging out with the team here for work. We’ve had some changes lately and it was nice to spend time with the rest of my… Read more »

“So Alive”

Katie   June 6, 2016   19 Comments on “So Alive”
so alive

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved the Goo Goo Dolls. Maybe that’s cheesy to say, but their music transports me back to an easier time or a different place. I’m not entirely sure what it is, but whatever it is, I’m not complaining. I sat at my desk Friday afternoon and couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by… Read more »


Katie   May 23, 2016   14 Comments on “Weathered”

Watching those we love grow old is never easy, even though we know it’s going to happen. For the last several years, I’ve watched my grandmother age and as her Alzheimer’s took over her mind and body more and more. She’s my last living grandparent, since losing Uncle Ken in August last year, and last week she was officially put… Read more »