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So Thankful I Must Share

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A mid afternoon post? You know that means something…and it’s not that I was too lazy to prep my post yesterday, it meant that I wasn’t going to post today.  I was going to take the day off but I have to share a few things with you because today I’m feeling so completely thankful. Today started with a glorious… Read more »

Thursday Thoughts – Running Motivation

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I’m going to be honest, I couldn’t get out the door yesterday.  Part because my body was sore and felt like it needed rest (so I listened!) but part because I was lacking motivation.  There was an easy switch by taking the planned rest for today, having it yesterday and hitting the pavement for my run today.   I did… Read more »

Chi Town 10k Race Recap

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It all started the night before.  I guess I should know better but I’ve eaten pesto lately with (little to) no problems but that wasn’t the case.  I felt my stomach churn.  I should have known better.   Morning came way too soon.  It was early, I was tired, and my dinner proved to be troublesome.  My body just felt… Read more »

Fitness Friday – A New Accomplishment

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Can I take a moment to brag? Not necessarily brag but share a new accomplishment for a me; one of those moments when you realize your hard work is paying off.  I had that moment yesterday. You see, I went to the gym, like any other day and busted out my 5 mile run and then started strength training.  I… Read more »

Sunday Confessions #4

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Today I confess…. 1. It’s St. Patrick’s Day and I’m not really celebrating…  That’s okay but really, I want to celebrate in Boston sometime.  This may mostly be because when I lived in Boston I was always underage and saw the lines of people standing outside the Irish Pubs while walking to class in the morning (yes, MORNING).  I wouldn’t… Read more »

Fitness Friday // Up & Down Week

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This has been a week full of ups-and-downs. This has been a week of new accomplishments. This has been a week full of rest.     Who knew so much could be packed into one tiny week?   It all started Friday with a great workout.  I had no idea where things were headed.  Saturday morning I found myself fighting… Read more »

Fitness Friday

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One of the hardest things for me, despite understanding it’s importance, is staying on top of my stretching and flexibility training.  I’ll tell myself that I’m going to stretch after my workout but then I’m either running late, forget, feel “too tired” or some other excuse and it doesn’t happen.  I also tell myself I’ll foam roll or stretch while… Read more »