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Winter Training Tips

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When I picked my first 1/2 marathon, I thought I was thinking it through.  I made sure to allow enough time for training; I didn’t pick the middle of summer so to try and avoid extreme heat; I didn’t pick too early in the year so that I’d train all winter…uhh.  About that last one – I guess I could… Read more »

Seven to Michigan

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In case there was any question of whether or not it would or did happen, I assure you, I completed my 7 mile long run yesterday.  It was freaking marvelous! Actually, I should clarify.  It was far from easy.  I realized one reason for my lack of motivation is the cold.  While I’m LOVING having weather changes again, the frigid… Read more »

Fitness Friday // A Rough Week & Positive Outlook

Can you believe it’s already March? Where did February go? It’s been one heck of a week leading up to today, so I should admit I’m welcoming March with open arms and as a chance to reset myself – physically and emotionally.   So why was it so challenging?   My workouts this week challenged me mentally and with a… Read more »

Fitness Friday Meets Blog Your Heart Out

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Today is Blog Your Heart Out Day.  What does that mean?  It means bloggers are coming together to raise awareness about heart disease – the #1 killer in women. This is an opportunity for us to take a deeper look at our diet, fitness levels and check in with our doctors.   I know when I started eating better, going… Read more »

Movin’ Shoes Frosty 5k

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I don’t know how you spent your Saturday, but I was busy running a race!  12 races, 12 months is well under way. Weeee!   You may remember my Commitment Day run being a mere 16 degrees.  Well, apparently cold races are how I’m starting off my racing year; today it was a bitter 12 degrees as I ran the… Read more »

Fitness Friday – Training Check-in

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How was everyones Valentine’s Day?  It’s really not my holiday (whether single or in a relationship) but my dad made us spaghetti because he knows how much my mom and I love it.  I can’t complain there! 🙂     Anyway, I’m moving my way through my 1/2 marathon training and surprising myself by how well I’m doing and how… Read more »

Fitness Friday Catch-Up

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First of all, can I tell you how much I’m loving the snow?  While it was terrible to drive in yesterday, it was absolutely beautiful and left us this nice winter wonderland.  I even shoveled the driveway while my parents were gone yesterday afternoon, so they wouldn’t be driving over 3+ inches of heavy snow. To those of you on… Read more »