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Fitness Friday – Down to Business

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Let’s get down to business, shall we? It’s been a SUPER busy week and as I write this post Thursday night, I’m ready to just get my butt to bed! I’ve got a big, fun weekend ahead and I need every ounce of shut eye before I most likely will get very little. 😉       Friday 9/6 Full… Read more »


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I had such an incredible weekend! I know it’s Tuesday but I’m still talking about it.  Besides getting to spend time with one of my best friends Sunday night (which would have been enough to make it a great weekend!), I ran a race and even better, I ran an incredible race! I signed up to run the Fort2Base 3… Read more »

Motivation From The Past

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There’s a level of motivation missing for me lately.  I’m sure there are a few different reasons behind this but regardless if I can find something that motivates me to get out the door, I’m going to do it.  And on Tuesday that meant running the track at my old middle school. I set out to do GPP’s Run +… Read more »

It’s So Hard When It Doesn’t Come Easy

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On Saturday, I ran my third 10k race.  I also ran the worst race of my running career. And for the first time, I found myself tempted to quit. But before we get to the details, let’s get to the most important thing – I did not quit, I finished and I remain thankful that I can run! So let’s… Read more »

A Run is a Run is a Run

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You may have noticed that I’ve been running more lately and while they haven’t been long runs, they have been more frequent, including back to back days. While for some that may not be something spectacular, for me it’s a sign of good things to come.  A sign that my lungs are getting stronger and I’m not allowing my asthma… Read more »

Thursday Thoughts: Sunday Morning Run

I wish I could properly explain what happened on my run Sunday morning but I’m not sure I can get the words right. You see it wasn’t an easy run.  It wasn’t one of those runs where I felt like I could finish.  In fact, I kept trying to figure out if I could talk myself into shortening my run… Read more »

Fitness Friday & LockLaces

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Except for when I’m sick, you’ve never seen me take so many rest days.  That just proves it was a huge week for me! A 1/2 marathon not only requires months of training but it requires rest before AND after and that was exactly what this week was about.  But I have to admit, I got the itch to start… Read more »