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My 10 Running Tidbits

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While I had the last two days off (at least for the most part), I’m spending the whole weekend working.  I’m hoping that I’ll still be able to get in a good amount of study time, a long run and a little play time.  It can’t be all work and no play – balance is key! Anyway, speaking of running,… Read more »

Fitness Friday / 3-2-1

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Three things that happened: 1. Crick, crack, crack. That’s the sound of my joints as I was practicing yoga Wednesday night. 2. Hobble, hobble, hobble.  That’s what I looked like as I attempted to run Thursday afternoon.  Apparently, wearing a band-aid on your toe makes it hard to run (or walk).  Let’s just say there’s a reason there was no… Read more »

Things I’ve Learned This Week

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Well I made it! The 7 day streak of working has finally come to an end and today is my day to rest, recover, study and be productive before it all starts back up again (ha!).  I had one post planned for today but since I didn’t write it ahead of time and I’m absolutely exhausted (and the post would… Read more »

Fitness Friday & the Yoga Challenge

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 While I’m sure many of you are happy that your week is drawing to a close, I’m smack dab in the middle of mine.  While I’m technically only working “part-time” I was scheduled for an extra shift this week, called in when someone was sick another day, and asked to come in an hour early to help with a catering… Read more »