Yoga Flow for Ahimsa – TriYoga with Katie

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Today’s practice is a yoga flow for ahimsa. Ahimsa is one of the yamas or ethical practices of yoga. While it translates to the idea of non-violence or non-harming, I often think of it more in the way of kindness. 

Running our thoughts and actions through a filter and stopping to ask ourselves if our words, actions, and intentions are coming from a kind place? Because what we do and say, whether to ourselves or others, does matter and we can choose to act more from that place of kindness in the smallest ways every day. 

This yoga flow for ahimsa practice is a way for you to dig deep and begin to cultivate the practice of ahimsa. We’re provided that opportunity to tap into that filter within ourselves whether on our mats or off, to begin practicing kindness. Don’t love the flow? You don’t need to curse me out in your head.. 😉 Is your body feeling stiffer today than you’d like? Give yourself grace and back out of each pose a bit. Did someone cut you off in traffic? Give them the benefit of the doubt; maybe they’re rushing to an emergency. 


If you want to enhance your practice and love essential oils as much as I do, try diffusing frankincense and bergamot as a way to promote positivity and grounding. This is a beautiful blend to help support you to show up in a kinder way for ourselves and those around us.

Enjoy your practice.

Cap off this practice with this beautiful guided meditation.

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Disclaimer: I fully believe in the power of yoga and it’s benefits but as with any exercise, please consult your health care professional with any questions or concerns before starting an exercise program. When participating in any exercise or exercise program, there is the possibility of physical injury. The creators of this video are not liable for any injury, accident, or health impairment by participating in this video.

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