You Will Not Fail – A Meditation – TriYoga with Katie

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Can you believe we’re already a week into September? This month is flying by and I can already tell it’s not going to slow down, at least in my corner of the world. Anyway, I’ve been facing a lot of fears and unknowns in my life right now and with that, realizing one is the fear of failure. We all get it once and a while, that worry that the risk you want to take, that new thing you want to try, or that area of unknown waiting for you. So often, it puts us in a place of complete paralysis, unable to do anything or take any action. But let me tell you this, you will not fail.

You won’t. And even if it feels like you do, this is an opportunity to grow, learn, and do better next time. This is why I created today’s meditation. When you are in that place of panic, worry, and feeling like you’re going to fail, this is your reminder that you will not fail and this is the meditation to help ground you back down to the Earth to feeling supported. I truly hope you enjoy this meditation.

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