10 Benefits of Meditation (…& An App To Help)


Is anyone else into meditating?

Or maybe you WANT to be but you’re having trouble?

Or you think it’s just a bunch of hoopla?

I’m here to tell you, meditation is SO amazing and has been PROVEN to make some huge impacts on our lives.

I’ve dabbled in meditation from time to time, but always felt like I couldn’t shake the constant voice in my head and just enjoy SILENCE. I’ve since come to realize, it’s not about complete silence in your mind; it’s about letting those thoughts come, acknowledging them, and then letting them go just as quickly. This allows you to create space for other things.

I know it’s not easy though, so please don’t expect it to be.

One way that I make time for meditation is when I go to yoga. Aside from savassana at the end of my practice, I always ensure I get there a few minutes early, set up my mat and lay down in complete stillness and breathe. If there are others around me talking or being loud, I practice tuning them out; if it’s quiet in the room, then I get to enjoy the silence and letting my thoughts come and go.

But sometimes we need more than that. A friend of mine recently suggested the Stop, Breathe & Think app which I have used on a few occasions. You are able to pick your current mood and feelings and they suggest a few short guided meditations around those feelings. I have done a few of these as I’m laying in bed and while they’re only about 10 minutes long, I’ve been able to relax so much I’m asleep before they’re even over.

So why meditate? Here are 10 proven benefits of meditation:


  1. Reduces stress
  2. Improves concentration
  3. Increases self-awareness
  4. Increases happiness
  5. Helps preserve the brain
  6. Rivals depression and anxiety
  7. Improves focus
  8. Improves memory
  9. Reduces blood pressure
  10. Improves empathy and positive relationships

I understand that meditation isn’t for everyone, but I definitely think it’s worth TRYING, especially if you’re feeling like you need some assistance in any of the above.

Do you meditate?

22 thoughts on “10 Benefits of Meditation (…& An App To Help)

  1. Shelly

    I’ve always wanted to get into meditation. I desperately need it, that’s for sure! Finding the time, space and consistency has been my challenge. I need to check out that app! Thanks for sharing 🙂
    Shelly recently posted…When I Close My EyesMy Profile

    1. Katie Post author

      Personally I don’t think falling asleep is a bad thing (as long as you don’t have somewhere you need to be)! It’s great to do awake too, but when I have trouble falling asleep some nights, turning on the app and following the meditation has been enough to put me right to sleep!

  2. Bethany

    Meditation totally changed my life! Although my practice has really transformed from when I first started. As a mom I rarely get quiet uninterupted moments, so I’ve found meditation in my chores!
    Bethany recently posted…Ghost ChairMy Profile

    1. Katie Post author

      Girl, whatever works for you!! As long as you feel like you’re getting that time, is what matters most!

  3. Marette @ Floradise

    One of my yoga teachers once said, if you’re too busy for five minutes of meditation you definitely need 20. I go through periods when I meditate regularly and others when I don’t at all. This reminds me, I need to start making time for it again. Thank you!

    1. Katie Post author

      I hope you’re able to make time for it! Even if it’s just a few minutes right before bed. Start small and do what works for you. Even closing your eyes and taking a few really mindful breaths is a great start!

    1. Katie Post author

      Don’t worry about your thoughts, they happen to all of us! Just let them come, acknowledge them and then let them go. It sounds weird and totally impossible but with practice it gets easier!

  4. Amy Saunders

    Hey, this post is so good – I love meditating and mindfulness, especially because of reasons 4 and 7! Afterwards I always feel lighter and happier which is great and I find I have a much more productive day if I do it in the morning! Thanks for reminding me how important it is!
    Amy Saunders recently posted…11 Exercises You can do at Home!My Profile

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