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Apparently that’s how much sleep my body needed.  12 hours.  Apparently I’m still catching up from my 2.5 hour night earlier this week.  It’s a good thing I had no plans last night or this morning to be interrupted.

When I got home from work last night I immediately started making a quick and delicious dinner.  After eating, I was feeling super tired and figured I’d lay down for a quick nap.  I never expected to fall asleep and not wake up until nearly 10pm!  My apartment was dark and quiet and after a quick snack and some blog reading, I went back to sleep.  Our bodies have a funny way of telling us what they need.  Mine likes to completely shut down with nearly no warning.

I’d like to think I looked like this during those 12 hours:

But seeing as I didn’t wake up to a prince charming standing over me, I have a feeling it was more like this:

(Personal Disclosure: I totally slept like this as a kid…haha!)

Anyway, sleep is super important and when we deprive our bodies of the rest it needs (whether intentional or not), we’re setting ourselves up for failure.  A few effects of sleep deprivation include:

-Serious health risks (like heart disease, heart attack, heart failure, stroke, diabetes)


-Weight gain

-Memory loss


(just to name a few)

I personally can attest to the irritability.  I feel like the last few days, I’ve been easily annoyed, angry or upset and getting myself out of that state has been harder than ever.  The only thing different about the past few days and the ones prior, I’m low on sleep and trying to play catch up from a few nights prior.

The good news is after last night’s sleep-athon, I feel more refreshed and hopefully this means I’m on the up-and-up.  And with no plans for my day off today except to sit on my bed/couch and write/read/relax (with maybe an afternoon walk), I should be good as new for the busy week ahead.

How does lack of sleep affect you?

Any fun plans for your weekend?

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  1. Calee @chimes

    I am super sleep deprived right now. Again … bitching about the AC being broken … I can’t sleep when it’s hot. And I’ve had too many things to do to get to bed at a decent time. I think I wrote about sleeping on Friday actually. Anyway, I need a catchup day with no interruptions and no surprises.

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