12 year old creep…now, pass me a glass of wine!

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So one of the reasons I started this blog was because of all the random things that seem to happen to me, especially working in customer service.  After a week long stint of some sort of weird interaction (with the male counterpart) either at work or at the gym, I got an idea that writing a book full of all my experiences would be fun.  And since my friends love to hear the crazy things that happen and weird “pick-up” lines I get, I would assume it would also be rather hilarious.  Writing a book sounded like a huge and overwhelming task, especially for an “amateur” writing like myself but a blog sounded feasible.  A blog would also allow me the ability to talk about the other aspects of my life (high points, low points and everything in between) and so this blog was created.  And if you read my first post, well, you’ve already heard the low-down.
Anyway, this leads me to today’s story…
I’m standing near the back of the store as the guard for all of the iPods.  This section also has a small island of ghetto blasters (aka speaker docking stations) with iPod touches on each one.  So at this moment the section is rather quiet as it’s just me, the security guard and a boy – approximately 12 years old or so?!  I’m standing there being a combination of bored, tired and just chilling waiting for someone to need my assistance when I notice the boy is holding one of the iPods a little funny behind the speaker.  I keep glancing at him and he’s totally holding it in the “taking a picture but I don’t want you to think I am” manner.  (C’mon, you know what I mean!  When you’re in public and someone is just so hilarious or disturbing you take a picture to show someone later…)  So when I feel like this is what he’s doing, I move so that I’m out of his view and that if he wanted to take my picture he would have to make it even more obvious.  He moves to a different iPod, a coworker comes over and I’m quietly telling him what I think happened as the boy walks away.  So we walk over to the iPod, go to the camera and SURE ENOUGH – NOT ONLY did the boy take a picture of me, HE TOOK FOUR!  You can watch the whole sequence of events play out – from my standing with my hands on my hips, arms crossed, hair flipped, to the notice of what he’s doing…stupid kid.  
Lucky for him he was out of the store or he would have been kicked out!  I have had my share of creepy, rude, inappropriate customers that it does not take much for someone to be kicked out and you can best believe that I will have a 12 year old creep treated the same way as a 52 year old creep.  Some may say that he may have been “too young” to really know what he was doing was creepy, but I stand tall that he knew exactly what was going on as he walked back, picked up the iPod touch and started snapping away. Gag.Me. 
At least my evening is going to consist of a glass of wine and relaxing with a good friend.  Check out the names of these wines from the “Middle Sister” brand!  I found them at Target a couple weeks ago and I may just have to buy a bottle for the name. 🙂