15.3…Also Known As The Lung Burner

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Upon looking at 15.3, I didn’t think it would actually be that bad. I knew it would suck, it’s the Open after all and Wall Balls are no short person’s friend but the weight was lighter and I can usually get in a zone and just bust out my single unders.

I went in with a plan – sets of 10 on the wall balls. Break for a few seconds between sets then pick the ball back up and keep going.
Break up the singles into 100. Wear compression socks to help with blood flow and support my calves and shins with all of the jumping.
Well, that’s not exactly how things went down. My wall ball sets got smaller very quickly. And while the compressions socks helped, with Capri leggings I got warm way too quickly. I felt like my face was as bright as a lobster within seconds.
I knew this would be a lung burner and that’s exactly what it was. When I stopped it was more to catch my breath than it anything else.
When the 14 minutes was up, I hit the ground. Fast.
I was happy with my performance but at the same time felt like I could have done better. I completed 15.3 at CrossFit Petroglyph in Albuquerque and as I signed the score, Tory mentioned the elevation and how she totally forgot that would play a factor. There was no doubt that it did.
If I could have done the WOD again and it wasn’t in the middle of a 6 event in 8 day week for 50 States, I probably would have. You know, as long as I was at a lower elevation.

6 thoughts on “15.3…Also Known As The Lung Burner

  1. Kelsey Yoki

    So awful. I collapsed right away, and it took me forever to just stand up. My abs were shot (for some odd reason) and it felt like forever until I had caught my breath to actually get up! I have to thank you for your recommendations – shorts were wonderful, and I’m certain the compression socks saved me. My tank came off as well – too warm!

    1. Katie Post author

      LOL! I’m sure that would have helped! Though I’d probably still wear the compression socks…I’m sure those had to have saved my calves!

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