2 Year Birthday + Giveaway!

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Two years ago I set out on an expedition, not knowing where it would lead or what would come of it.


Today, I can happily say I’ve never once regretted my decision but rather find myself thankful for each moment; for each day; for each post written.


That’s right.  Today marks the 2 year birthday of Talk Less, Say More.

I started this blog as a way to document my life and the trials and tribulations of being in my 20s.  But instead this blog has turned into so much more.  Yes I’m able to document my life – memories with friends, meeting new friends, moving, but I’m also able to share my love for healthy living and fitness, recipes, new workouts, and my commitment to myself and my health.


This has been huge for me.  Looking back, I’m sure there are some events over the last 2 years that I may not have made it through without this blog.  Without your love.  Without your support.


So today I thank you and I celebrate you because with out each of you, Talk Less, Say More may not be turning 2!


So how does one celebrate a blog birthday?


I thought about making cake:


But I wasn’t sure how I could share that with you.


I thought about throwing a party:

But you all may not be able to make it.


I thought about a present:

That could get pricey and a bit challenging to coordinate.


But what I could do is give one of you a present and my good friends at Chobani wanted to help!

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 1.16.48 PM

I’ve shared my love for Chobani Greek yogurt for a long time.  Not only is the yogurt amazing, the people behind the company are so nice, supportive and looking to get some in your hands.  So whether this will be your first cup or just one of many, today Chobani is offering you the chance to win an assorted case of 6oz cups!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday to you,

Happy Birthday my little blog-y,

Happy Birthday to you!

45 thoughts on “2 Year Birthday + Giveaway!

  1. Mary Happymommy

    My son picked out a new pair of sneakers. This doesn’t sound like much, but he’s very picky about what he wears and it was a MIRACLE to find a pair he likes.

  2. Sana

    One good thing that has happened this week is that I finished a huge project at work. I was under a ton of pressure to crank it out and felt SO relieved when it was done

  3. Kaitlin

    Mmmm, Chobani is amazingly delish. I have been using it as my powerful for breakfast (helps during crazy school hours) but maybe I can whip some fun baking projects up on this three-day weekend! Have you ever baked with it?

    1. admin Post author

      YES! Several times actually and I even made some delicious corn muffins with some a couple weeks ago.

  4. Julia

    Happy blog birthday! So exciting! One good thing that happened to me this week was that I got paid, haha. Does that count? And I went to an awesome bootcamp yesterday.

  5. Kayla

    Happy Birthday!

    One good thing that’s happened to me this week is getting positive teaching evaluations back from last semester’s students!

    1. Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen

      Oh, and something good that happened to me? I had not one, but TWO amazing runs already…and one of the kids I work with has made amazing improvement in her reading based on midyear testing results. 🙂

  6. Anne W.

    Happy Blogiversary! A good thing that happened this week is that my husband and I started to look for our first house 🙂

  7. Keri

    One good thing that has happened this week was cheering up my boyfriend. He was in a bad mood all day, but I talked to him about what he was upset about, made him laugh, and took him out for dinner to get out of the house. It was just what we BOTH needed!

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