20 Minute Jump Rope Tabata

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One of my favorite kinds of workouts to love to hate are tabatas. If you haven’t heard of a tabata or don’t really know what it is, first and foremost, they are tricky little guys that look relatively easy, but really will kick your butt. Second, they are a form of HIIT (high intensity interval training) where you work hard for a short burst, followed by a short rest.

It’s weird, I get it, but it’s also highly effective so today, we’re going to get our sweat on through this awesome tabata. Even better, the only equipment you need is a jump rope (though let’s get real, you can also just pretend to jump rope), making this perfect for travel or taking to the park!

jump rope tabata

Complete each exercise for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 before moving to the next exercise. Complete each circuit 2x through and then move to the next circuit.


Jumpe Rope / Push-ups / Squat Jacks / Wall Sit


Jump Rope / Air Squats / Plank Jacks / Supermans


Jumpe Rope / Tricep Dips / Burpees / Plank Hold


Jump Rope / Alternate Lunges / Skaters / Boat Hold

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Are you a fan of tabata workouts?

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