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When I shared my goals for 2014 yesterday, one was to PR my 5k but aside from that I’ve been feeling kind of lost about what I want to do regarding my fitness in 2014.  2013 was huge for me in terms of my fitness as I finished 13 races of varying distances, including my first (and second) half marathon – something I never thought I could do, let alone twice!


I know the “logical” next step in many people’s eyes would be to train for a full marathon and while sometimes 26.2 teases me, I’m still determining if that’s something I want to work towards right now.  Depending on the day, I have a different view.


So what does 2014 look like in terms of my fitness?

…I have no idea!


Seriously, I just don’t know. I don’t have any races on the agenda which honestly has left me feeling kind of lost. I love feeling like I’m working towards a goal and right now that goal is simply “to be/stay healthy.” Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that goal but I’m the kind of person who needs more – hello s.m.a.r.t. goals!


I would like to complete another 30 day yoga challenge like I did a couple years ago, try out Body Flow at my gym and try my first experience of CrossFit. Maybe that’s good enough but the overachiever in me is looking for more. I guess I have the next several months to figure it all out and stop demanding so many answers from myself right now.


Anyway, here’s what my workouts look like this week – a nice blend of high intensity, active rest, strength and cardio:

Friday 12/27
45 mins incline walking
Saturday 12/28
2.53 mile run
Sunday 12/29
RockIt Fitness – 4 min Give It All You Got
30 sec mountain climbers/45 sec side plank per side/60 sec elbow plank
Monday 12/30
PBfingers Row Row Row
Tuesday 12/31
RockIt Fitness – 3rd day of Christmas workout
Wednesday 1/1
75 mins hot yoga
Thursday 1/2
2.2 mile run
KB superset workout


What are your fitness goals for 2014?

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  1. Captain Competition

    13 races in 2013 is awesome especially with 2 of them being 1/2 marathons. I too am on the fence about the 26.2. Some times I think that we invented cars to go that distance and sometimes I see those stickers on people’s cars and really want to be able to say I did that too.

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