4 Easy Steps To Follow Your Dreams

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Let me start by saying this – I’m not going to give you all of the answers or a defined step by step on how to make everything happen.

The reason being? I can’t do that.

But what I can do is give you the very broad steps that help take us from a dream to reality. I remind myself of these steps every day, even though I’m in the middle of making a dream happen at this very moment.


Step 1 – DREAM

Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is. That crazy idea you thought about last week? How about that one thing you thought someone should invent that would make your life easier? Those are all ideas worth pursuing and each one has potential.


Do your research. Has someone already done this? What kind of resources will this take? What’s the time frame needed? Can you do this alone or will you need to recruit help? Ask yourself all of the tough questions.


You have the idea, you’ve done the research so now you have to decide – is it worth it? Do the pros out weigh the cons? If you need to recruit support, who would you want on your team?

Step 4 – JUMP

Maybe the most important of all – DO IT! If you’ve got an idea that deep down in your gut feels right; if you’ve done the research and you’ve evaluated that the risks are worth it, then what are you waiting for? Take that leap of faith and go for it!

Now don’t get me wrong. Just because we think it up, doesn’t always mean we’re ready to drop everything and do it. Things take time and for some they work best over a long period of time while others may be able to happen a lot quicker. But I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met this year who have looked at me and said “I love what you’re doing. I wish I could do something like this but I have x,y,z (insert any excuse – married, family, house, job).” I get it. I really do. And while I didn’t own a house, I rented one. I had a great job and I chose to leave it. I still left friends and family and people I care about behind. I took one of the scariest, craziest risks of my life but I did it! I could have come up with excuse after excuse, but I didn’t let myself.

I’m a huge believer that if I can do it, so can anyone else!

So if there’s something that you’ve been thinking about – an idea, a plan, a dream – go for it! We only have one life to live and I’m sure going to give it my all and enjoy every moment that I can!

How are you following your dreams?

Do you have a dream that you’re afraid to chase?

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      I may be late to responding to comments but there couldn’t have been a better time for me to do this…I needed my own advice and pointing out #3 was just what I needed. 😉

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