My 4 Favorite Natural Beauty Products

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Let’s get real, I’m no beauty or fashion blogger. Unless you want to talk fitness fashion or how to wear yoga pants everyday, and then I am definitely your girl! With that said, I’m still a girl (though not a super girly one, by any means) and enjoy getting dressed up from time to time, putting on makeup or doing my hair, so I thought it would be fun to share a few of my current favorite beauty related products.


1. Yes To Makeup Remover Towelettes

Honestly, when it comes to washing my face and taking off my makeup, I’m about as lazy as they come. It just takes so much time and energy and I usually forget until it’s bedtime when I’m exhausted beyond all belief and just need to sleep. Make-up remover and cleansing cloths have been my go-to for as long as I can remember but I specifically love the Yes to brand because they feel fresh and don’t leave my eyes or skin burning from all of the chemicals.

2. Coconut Oil

I don’t just use coconut oil for cooking, I use it for everything! I swear it makes one of the greatest moisturizers, especially right after shaving your legs. There may even be a story that some of my blends could tell you after the first time I tried coconut oil on my legs and could not believe just how smooth they were!

3. Earth Science Face Wash

Honestly, this is still a fairly new to me product but I’ve been using it for a couple weeks and really enjoy it. It has a slight cinnamon smell (?) and doesn’t have that harsh skin peeling feeling that some cleansers have. Now, I know I mentioned I’m a cleansing cloth fan above (and I am), I use a face wash in the shower. I also hate washing my face in the sink and feeling like I just gave myself and the bathroom counter a bath…am I alone in that?

4. Clean Diet

Okay, okay, I get that this isn’t a “product” but seriously, watching what I eat and paying attention to how certain foods react in my body (including my skin), has been HUGE for clearing my skin again! Sugar = bad news, Gluten = worse news! Watching a patch of acne form on my face days after “splurging” on a little gluten-filled bread was heart breaking, but also reaffirming, that my gluten intolerance stems beyond just the “my hair falls out” that I once believed.

Now tell me… what are some of your favorite natural beauty products?

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16 thoughts on “My 4 Favorite Natural Beauty Products

  1. Julie

    I’m always looking for great products. This towelettes seem great. And I love that you can use coconut oil for so much. I didn’t realize that.

  2. Kayla

    Totally agree with what someone before me said: coconut oil fixes every and any thing. Makeup removal wipes are literally a lifesaver. I refuse to sleep in any makeup because I’m sure in many ways it’s not good for my skin. …but then there’s the fact I’m also lazy. So makeup removal wipes are definitely the way to go.

  3. Kiara Catanzaro

    Coconut oil essentially solves every beauty problem you could ever have. Dry hair..coconut oil. Need a DIY face mask…coconut oil, haha! It’s the best natural product out there!

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