4 Go-To Greens Powders For Smoothies

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It’s no secret that I start each morning with a smoothie; they are my absolute favorite and after a couple days without, I find myself craving those nutrient packed, protein filled, creamy delicious smoothies.

With that said, I’ve spoken many times about various ingredients that go into my smoothies everyday, one being a greens powder.

You could ask, why would I choose a powder over fresh spinach or kale, and that’s a very good question. I have a couple answers…

1 – When I use a powder, I feel like I’m not just getting more greens that I could fit in a “fresh” version, but I’m also getting a wider variety of greens as there is usually a mix of spinach, kale, spirulina, etc.

2 – It blends better. I know that may sound ridiculous, and while I have a really nice Ninja blender, but I like that there aren’t sometimes little pieces of spinach that I’m chewing in my smoothie because I tried to pack too many veggies into one little cup blender. It combines with the previous but it keeps my smoothies smooth and creamy and that’s important.


So what are my favorites? Right now I have 4 favorites that I have been switching between.

1. Advocare Greens

This is lemon flavored and sweetened with stevia so you can feel good about putting it in your body. I blended it with a “natural” flavored protein powder the other day and the lemon was just what I needed to mask the chalkiness of the natural protein. (No protein goes wasted!)

2. Barlean’s Organic Greens

This is actually a new-to-me green, but I received a big container from a friend who got it as a sample but who isn’t a big of fan of greens powders and they passed it my way. I have really liked it mixed with my smoothies!

3. Greens+ Organics Superfoods

They have a few flavors, but I have personally tried the natural greens and the cocoa ones, both of which are really good! I’m out and have wanted to stock back up but decided I should wait until I actually *need* to.

4. Amazing Grass

Amazing Grass was actually the first door I opened into the wonderful world of greens and because of this, they will likely always be one of my favorites! They have a pretty extensive line AND they have those super yummy proteins & greens (with it looks like a few new flavors coming!) so needless to say, I’m a big fan!

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Do you ever put greens in your smoothies?

What is your favorite green to add – whether powder form or fresh?

18 thoughts on “4 Go-To Greens Powders For Smoothies

  1. K. Elizabeth

    I need to try out some of these now that I’m going back to having smoothies for breakfast and my afternoon snack. There’s nothing like a delicious green smoothie!

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