4 Must-Try Kettle Bell Workouts

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4 must try KB FB

I’ve mentioned several times that I’m not currently working out in a formal gym, let alone a CrossFit box (sad day!) but that doesn’t mean I’m not getting in my workouts. My apartment complex has a small fitness center about the size of your average hotel gym and while they have the basics (i.e. treadmill and free weights), I really miss working out with kettle bells, which have always been one of my very favorite tools in the gym.

As I work on getting myself into a formal gym again (thank you to my insurance having a fitness reimbursement (up to $x/month if you go x times), I thought I’d share a few kettle bell workouts that you should definitely try asap!

4 must KB

1. 30 min KB row:


2. 5 KB exercises for Runners:


3. 12 min KB workout:


4. 20 min full body fat loss kb workout circuit:

20 min KB

Are you a kettle bell fan?

What’s your favorite exercise using kettle bells?

23 thoughts on “4 Must-Try Kettle Bell Workouts

  1. Kris | iheartwellness.com

    Oooo girl, thank you for this! I swear kettlebells get my heart roaring and it’s great! I don’t need to do any cardio when I do a kettlebell workout 😉

    I have only ever tried a couple, mostly from TIU as I’ve been focused on heavy lifting…so I’ll give one a whirl tomorrow at the gym!


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