4 Must-Try Low Impact Workouts

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I’ve mentioned a few times around here that I’m dealing with a few health concerns and as such, I am working on incorporating more low-impact workouts and a bit less of the high intensity training.

It hasn’t been easy as I love running and HIIT circuits but I’ve been listening to my body – if it feels good, I do it. As soon as it doesn’t, I stop.

I can’t be (in fact I know I’m not) the only person out there who’s needing to change up their workouts for awhile so I thought it would be fun to share 4 great low-impact workouts!

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1. Walking

This has been my absolute FAVORITE activity lately! I usually bring a book to the apartment fitness center, hop on the treadmill and walk about 2-3 miles, increasing speed as I go along. I always end up sweaty and feeling like I got a great workout.

When I’m feeling up for it, I finish with a short (and not super heavy) strength training session.

2. Yoga

My second favorite. And despite not meeting my January goal of going 2x/week, I bought myself a 2 week unlimited pass at a nearby hot yoga studio and have already gone twice. (Technically the first day we were still in January but it was the 31st so I’d already mentally moved myself into February.)

Being back on the mat, sweating and remembering to breathe has been a lifesaver. I’m remembering just how much yoga can challenge my muscles and make me shake just as much as a heavy lift session.

3. Pilates

Honestly, I haven’t done pilates in a few years but I want to get back into it, even if it’s just short videos I find online. I think it’ll help keep things interesting and really work on strengthening my core!

4. Swimming

I’m including this but I’m not a swimmer. I took lessons as a kid but have never really felt super comfortable with it. While it’s something I would like to do more of, since I don’t have access to a pool (at least when it’s not summer time), it’s not anything I’m able to work on much right now. But if you have a gym membership with a pool, take advantage!

What are your favorite low impact workouts?

18 thoughts on “4 Must-Try Low Impact Workouts

  1. Sara

    Yoga and pilates are two of my favorite workouts! I’m not much of a swimmer, but my husband swims every day for exercise – it’s a great workout.

  2. Erin

    Yoga is such an amazing workout and it’s really as hard as you make it – so versatile! I’ll have to try the other 3. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Katie Post author

      You are so right! It’s definitely as hard as you make it and so versatile to how your body is feeling that day!

  3. Chrissy

    Love this – I walk ever since we have a dog and now that she is older and the walks get shorter, I head out again after bringing her home to get my steps in. I alos do Pilates and love it. I have never tried although I am dying to and I go Swimming but should probably do it more often because it’s great for my back and my Arthritis (ok, there’s the almost 40 yo coming through…lol)! Love your advice! thank you and HUGS xxx

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