4 Productivity Tools Every Freelancer Needs

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I have been blogging and freelancing for nearly 5 years and with that time has come a lot of lessons. I’ve learned many things to do, things to avoid and tools that make my life a lot easier. To save you a few years of trial and error, let’s get to my top 4 productivity tools that I believe every freelancer must have:

1. DropBox

Whether I’m working from home, at a coffee shop or somewhere else, Dropbox allows me to have whatever files I need right at my finger tips! That article I started on my desktop? It’s available when I open my laptop from Starbucks.

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is my social media savior! Aside from being able to manage and view multiple streams in one place, you can schedule out posts ahead of time, including Instagram! They have a paid and free version so depending on how many accounts you need linked, you may not even need to pay. Free for a freelancer? Bonus!

3. Notes App

I’m personally a big fan of the Notes App on my iPhone but I also know many freelancers who swear by Evernote. I am constantly using Notes to keep track of post ideas or ToDo list items that come up when I’m not by my notebook. Find the app that works for you and use it!

4. A Favorite Coffee Shop

This may seem like an odd addition but hear me out! A benefit of freelancing is that we can work from anywhere, including our own homes while sitting in our pajamas. If you’re anything like me, that works for awhile and then you hit a point where productivity hits a wall and you need that change of scenery. For situations like that, my local coffee shops become the best offices out there and allow me the opportunity to plug my headphones in and really get down to business.

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Freelancers work hard and hopefully these productivity tools every freelancer needs help make your life a bit easier!

What are some of your favorite productivity tools or apps?

14 thoughts on “4 Productivity Tools Every Freelancer Needs

  1. Rica@ Yoga Mat Monkey

    I would say a pot of coffee and a notepad are my best tools. I am a bit of a squirrel, so it’s hard for me to sit too long and stay on task. The coffee helps me focus and the notepad is there to catch my random thoughts that would otherwise drag me away from the keyboard!

  2. Terra Dawn

    Great advise!! Especially the coffee shop. 🙂 Get out and see people!! lol. I recently fell in love with Edgar. You should try it if you haven’t yet!

    1. Katie Post author

      my only issue with Google Docs is if I’m somewhere without internet and need access to my stuff. It’s great for being able to work on projects with others though!

  3. Kat

    These are great tips! As a freelancer myself, I really love OneDrive. I love that it can be accessed to from wherever – plus they have an app so I can upload things directly from my phone!

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