4 Things You Did Not Know You Could Find At 5 Below

5 below finds

I’ll be honest, I usually avoid these kinds of dollar stores or in this case 5 Below. It’s not because I think I am above them by any means, but I always think they won’t have what I’m looking for or will have to sacrifice brands or quality that I want. On the other side of it, I just imagine stores full of super cheap kids clothes or candies, things that I’m not looking for.

Over the weekend, I decided to wander around 5 Below and was surprised by a lot of what I found. There was a wider variety of products and while some may not be as high of quality, I didn’t really feel like anything I was looking at would break the moment I walked out the door, if I chose to purchase it. Since I am working on a budget right now, this was a really good wakeup call to explore all of my options and not limit myself.

There were some items that I was super shocked to find and I thought I would share those with you today, you might just be as surprised!

eos lipbalm


Guys! I love eos lip balms and yeah, they are ‘under $5,’ I still never expected to see these there! Future note to self.

Workout equipment


There were so many different workout options, between lighter weights (I don’t think I saw any over 10 lbs), resistance bands, yoga mats, rubber flooring.

Phone Cases


I’ll be honest, it was my hope that I would find a phone case here as I needed to make a last minute upgrade to my phone last week. It was fading quickly and I wanted to upgrade while I could still get some money back for it, instead of waiting for it to totally crap out on me and get nothing. Since a new phone is a pretty hefty purchase, I really didn’t want to spend a ton on a new case so I was excited to find a whole wall of case options for $5!



Okay, you may think I’m crazy for not thinking about there being cards at 5 Below, but I really didn’t think about it and when I saw the whole wall, I got really excited and picked one up for my nephew’s birthday.

[ctt title=”Who knew you could get these things at 5 below?!” tweet=”Who knew you could get these things at 5 below?! via @iamkatiearnold http://ctt.ec/D3CjR+” coverup=”D3CjR”]

I’m excited to open my doors to new possibilities that will keep me on my budget for a wide variety of possible purchases. (No, this was not a sponsored post.)

Are you a fan of dollar stores or 5 Below kind of stores?

What are your favorite products to pick up at these stores?

22 thoughts on “4 Things You Did Not Know You Could Find At 5 Below

  1. Lora

    We don’t have one near us, but there is one near my parents and I’ve been impressed with their selection!

  2. Kiara Catanzaro

    I had no idea about their card section! That’s awesome because we have one right near my work, so if I ever need one in a pinch, there’s no problem! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Suzy @ In the Lyons Den

    We have shops similar this and I am often surprised at some of the stuff they have. We have one called Dollar King and their party supplies are actually really lovely with heaps of colour themes to choose from. Good to see you were surprised!

  4. Charlotte

    Neat!! I’ve never been in five below before but have heard about it. When I worked in NYC, there was a dollar store called Jack’s and if you got lucky, you could score pretty expensive items (like Peanut Butter & Co peanut butter) for $1. It was amazing 🙂

  5. Neely

    I love that you can get workout equipment I really want some more weights. Also EOS yes!

  6. Wendie

    I’m loving that you found weights and yoga mats! I am super surprised! Thanks for sharing- I will have to pass this around too! -Wendie

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