4 Ways To Make A Little Extra Cash Online

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Even though I have officially sold the RV, that doesn’t mean my days of extreme budgeting are behind me; rather, they are really just getting started. I work hard at my full time job, but I don’t make enough to get ahead as quickly as I would like, which means finding other ways to make a little extra money and pay back a few more bills each month. Despite the light at the end of the tunnel, there is still a long ways to go to get there.

So how do I make a little extra money?

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I have talked about this in the past, but I love Ibotta for the cash back it provides on groceries I would already buy. It can be hard at times to now allow myself to buy other things just because they are on the app but if you stay dedicated, this is a great way to make a little extra cash. I especially love it when there are fresh fruits and veggies available!


I use Swagbucks everyday. I also wrote about this awhile ago, but everyday I try to hit my point goal, so I earn bonuses. For the month of August, I got 426 bonus points which put me on a great path to my next cash out. It may be a decent amount of work for a little money, but I let videos run on my phone while I write after work or while getting ready for work in the morning. It’s easy enough.


Now, if you’re doing shopping you don’t need, then this isn’t really going to help, but if you already have to shop for something, like a flight or other travel expenses, then Ebates (or Swagbucks) are my go-tos to get a little cash back!


If you are a blogger or other influencer, I can’t recommend signing up for an Amazon affiliate account. It may take a little while to be able to cash out (depending on traffic), but if you’re writing a post about a product you use, why not link to that product’s page on Amazon with your affiliate link for a chance of making a little bit. It totally fits with that whole “passive income” thing we’re always working towards!

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How else do you work to make a little extra money?

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32 thoughts on “4 Ways To Make A Little Extra Cash Online

    1. Katie Post author

      True! Though I usually use it while I’m doing something else…like running videos on my work computer while I’m blogging (during the non-work hours, of course).

  1. melanie

    Great ideas 🙂 I’m already an amazon affiliate and you’re right it takes forever to make any money off it. I’ll look into the others and see if I can make a little off those as well. Thanks for the tips

    1. Katie Post author

      Follow the link in the post and sign up, you’ll LOVE it! It’s super easy and of course, let me know if you have questions! (It doesn’t look like I actually did a post, just mentioned it in some others because I love it!)

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