4 Ways To Turn Around A Rough Week

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We all have a bad week sometimes, so if you’re feeling a bit blue or frustrated, know that you aren’t alone.

I’ve found myself having a roller coaster week – some good, some frustrating, some just BLAH so I figured there are probably a few of you out there in the same boat who may need to grab an oar and join me as we row ourselves a shore.

Or maybe you need to send this to a friend who’s in this boat?
Or maybe I need to let go of a metaphor gone on WAY too long… 😉

Regardless, here are my tips for turning your week around and approaching it with a fresh start:

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1. Meditate
I was recently suggested to download the Stop, Breathe & Think app for meditation. I’ve always wanted to be better at it but outside of savassana in yoga, it just wasn’t happening. While I’m still not great at it, I’m getting better and have been going through the prompts to pick the proper meditation to do right before bed. I usually fall asleep in the middle of it, which I consider a good thing, I relaxed enough to drift off to dreamland.

2. Journal
Whether a sentence, two or 10, just taking a few minutes to put your feelings out there makes all the difference. Not only does this allow me a few quiet moments with my thoughts, but it just gives me a moment to LET GO of the things that aren’t serving me, are stressing me out, or may hold me back tomorrow. You know where to go if you need some journaling inspiration (coughDAILYASPIREcough).

3. Schedule Something Fun
This may seem ridiculous but it’s all about giving yourself something to look forward to. If you have something fun on the agenda – coffee with a friend, yoga, etc – you can focus more on the fun and less on the bad.

4. Find the Positive
Okay, I know this is easier said than done but this may be the most important when things are feeling rough. If you can’t find the positive yourself, talk to a friend who can help you see it. Maybe you’re just changing your perspective or maybe you’re focusing on the small wins, whatever it may be, find something positive and channel your energy there. I promise, it will make a difference.

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What are some of your top tips to turn around a rough day, week or month?

15 thoughts on “4 Ways To Turn Around A Rough Week

  1. Megan

    I so needed to read this. This week has been super stressful and I’ve been on the verge of tears a few too many times. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Nora Spaulding

    These are fabulous ideas Katie! 🙂 I often love to meditate on the Calm app when I’m really stressed out or if I can I got get my hair and nails done, some self love goes far in my book! 🙂 Happy Thursday!

  3. Victoria

    Planning something fun sounds good. I never have much luck with meditating, I tend to fall asleep. lol Good ideas though for one of those weeks.

  4. Chrissy

    Those are some great tips, Katie. Meditating defintely helps and trying to see the positive is a good one as well – even though it’s not always easy. I also like going on walks with the pup – fresh air always does me good.
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  5. Jessica Bradshaw

    All of these ideas definitely work. I was having a horrible week last week, and after a few little pep talks, looking at the positives, journaling, quiet time and looking ahead to spring break, I was able to break from the bad week.

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