5 Everyday Ways I’m Treating Myself

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I’ve mentioned several times that I’m on a pretty tight budget and without going into details, I’ve really been working on examining my spending and figuring out where extra money was going out that didn’t need to and how to fix that moving forward, at least while I’m in this phase of my life. But with all of that said, I’m still trying to find ways to treat myself that don’t eat away at my income and where that money actually needs to go.

I am still splurging with things off of my list of ways I treat myself while living on a budget as well as a few others, so I thought I would check in with a few of those splurges.


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Seriously. I woke up Sunday morning for my run and this was my view. There is no filter on that sky, it’s just nature in it’s pure beauty. That was a definite treat!

Straightening My Hair

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It’s not often that I do this, especially during the summer. I go through phases of straight, curly, or up, and right now I’m definitely in the up/ponytail/bun phase. I just don’t have the patience to deal with my hair. But I loved straightening my hair again, being able to run my fingers through my hair and you better believe I used dry shampoo to make that last a few days! 😉

On the down side, my hair dryer broke half way through my head so if anyone wants to start a GoFundMe page to get a new hair dryer, you’ll keep me on budget. ha!

Berry Picking

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While this isn’t free by any nature, I’ve been strawberry and blueberry picking in the last month and it has been awesome! Not only am I having fun and relaxing doing it (things I don’t let myself do often), I’m getting a great deal on a TON of fresh berries that will last me awhile! I get to enjoy them fresh for a few days and then into the freezer they go for countless smoothies. And the amount of berries I’m getting is ridiculously cheaper than if I bought them fresh (or frozen) at the grocery store!

Making Dinner

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Sure, I make myself dinner every night but I can’t say I’m always creative about it, forgetting that I can still cook myself nice dinners without breaking budget. This omelette with frozen spinach that I forgot was still hiding out in the freezer, sautéed sweet potatoes and a small glass of rose was just the treat I needed the other night! The wine may have been what put me over the edge of making this extra special though. I don’t often drink, let alone buy myself wine but it had been a long week and nothing sounded better than enjoying a glass of wine with my dinner. The bottle was $4 from Trader Joes and just what the doctor ordered!

A Workout

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Whether it be yoga, a run, or lifting weights, my workouts are my time and provide me almost a sacred time and space to myself. I get a little annoyed when others are in the fitness center (as selfish as that may seem), but it’s just because it’s such a small space that it feels like they’re popping my bubble when I’m trying to treat myself.

It may sound strange since these things are so “ordinary” but I feel like I could keep adding to the list (water variations, reading, writing, cleaning my apartment…). They may all sound relatively trivial but really, I guess it’s a good thing that I am finding the joy in the relatively small moments in life. And honestly, that’s how I think it should be.

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How have you been treating yourself lately?

38 thoughts on “5 Everyday Ways I’m Treating Myself

  1. Kiara Catanzaro

    It’s so important to treat yourself and treat yourself to the little things like sunrises, a warm cup of coffee, 30 minutes to read, etc. Enjoying these little moments make you appreciate life more 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

    1. Katie Post author

      Most of my reading happens via audio book on my way to work but it sure does make my commute so much better! 😉

  2. Lauren

    I think it’s great you include things like making dinner and working out! Both are so important and good for you too!

  3. Amber Vesey

    Love this post – you CAN totally treat yourself DAILY for free – taking an extra minute before going into your car to feel sunshine on your face – getting a good book from the library, a hot shower or cold shower, a good dance session 🙂

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