5 Gifts for the Music Fan // Ha Ha Tonka

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As you read this, I’m on a plane to Boston…well technically, I might be on a plane to Philly before catching my connecting flight that will bring to me Boston. I’m on a trip for work and I couldn’t be more excited to be on my way back to my favorite city. Seriously, I’ve recently realized Boston may hold it’s place as my favorite city. At least in the U.S. and at least as of all the places I’ve been. Love this city oh so much


But despite traveling for work this week, I will have posts for you! (I know you were so worried!) And while I’m traveling with my ever so massive 15” computer (isn’t it funny how a portable computer can feel so big but especially when it’s next to my 11” it’s giant!), I’ll wait until I return home to fill you in on my trip. I don’t really know what my schedule will be like so I prepped some posts ahead of time which will publish automatically for you each day. Don’t you just love technology?!


We’re also picking back up where we left off with my 5 Day Gift Guide. Be sure to check out 5 Gifts to Give Back and 5 Gifts for the Fitness Fanatic if you missed them!

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Today’s gift guide is all for the music enthusiasts in your life (coughmecough). But in all seriousness, whether it’s for your best friend, significant other, family member or whoever, these are some great gifts they’re sure to love!

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1- iTunes gift card

2- Spotify subscription 

3- Vinyl – because I’m sure even if they don’t have a table, on some level they’re still collecting vinyl… 😉

4- iPod/iPhone speaker dock station – no, I don’t own one but it’s on my list!

5- Headphones – fancy, noise canceling, new ear buds, whatever, you know they’ll be used!

(Disclaimer: a few of those links will you take you to my Amazon store.)


And while a musical gift guide is suitable for Music Monday, I can’t let anyone start their day off with no or only mediocre music – it’s just not right! With all the shows I’ve been to lately, I figured it was about time I share some of the amazing music I’ve been seeing.


The band is Ha Ha Tonka, the music is amazing and the show was incredible! They just finished up their tour promoting the new album, Lessons, but I highly recommend checking out the album and keeping an eye out for the next time they come through your area. So good!



What are you listening to this week?

What would you give the music fan in your life?