5 Healthy Go-To Bars When In A Pinch

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While I am all about eating real food, that doesn’t change the fact that sometimes life calls for a little convenience, especially come snack time.

I pack my snacks and lunches for work everyday but some days that just doesn’t cover it, whether from a more intense workout or some other cause, and I’m left gnawing on my hand with an hour or two left of work and my packed food is gone. In instances like this, I love to have something packed in my work bag or in a desk drawer just waiting to save the day and my productivity. This is the moment when bars are perfect!

goto bars

I like to have a little variety in the bars that I eat as it helps keep things interesting and fun, but with that said, I am always looking at the ingredient lists, making sure they fit within my dietary restrictions but also where I’m going to feel good about eating the bar. Here are 5 that make the list:


You’ve heard me preach the RxBar love for years now and honestly, I don’t see myself changing my stance anytime soon. I was so happy when I found them in my local Trader Joes but you can also get them from Amazon.

Ona Bars

I first learned about these at the Blend Retreat last year and immediately fell in love. They have bars and cookies, most of which fit into a Paleo diet, which I love! I would have to say the cookies are my favorite…well, because, cookies!

No Cow Bars

I first learned about these bars when I was still at my second job. They were originally introduced to me as a “plant-based Quest bar” and while I’m not sure that’s exactly true, they are pretty tasty and definitely help provide me that protein boost without an overwhelming amount of sugar. There is a little bit of that chalky taste almost, but as weird as this may sound, it works and I’ve come to really like these bars.

Bhu Fit

These are brand new to me! I spotted them at Vitamin Shoppe a couple weeks ago when I went to get a few supplements and use a credit I had on my account. I tried the dark chocolate with the egg white protein and the apple cinnamon vegan bar and both were incredible! I may need to get more flavors in my hands to try asap!

Square Bar

I consider these bars more of a “treat” bar, even though I try to limit the bars in my diet as it is so in a lot of ways, they all are a treat. With that said, these bars are definitely the sweetest on this list and make me feel like I’m eating dessert when I have one. But they sure are delicious!

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Are you a fan of protein bars?

What is your favorite one?

29 thoughts on “5 Healthy Go-To Bars When In A Pinch

  1. Lindsay

    I always get a bit miffed when I see so many food options listed on blogs and because of Health Canada laws and all that crap, we don’t get half of the items that you guys have available in the south.

    Would LOVE to try No Cow Bars. If they’re anything like Quest, I’m IN! 🙂
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  2. Erin

    Ohhhh I’ll have to try some of these! I’m so lazy, and need to have healthy snacks available on the run, so I don’t resort to vending machine cheetos. How do the RX bars compare to Lara Bars? Thank you!

  3. Natalia

    I need to try them! I love to snack at work especially in the afternoons. This is the only way for me to survive till 5pm lol

  4. Kiara Catanzaro

    I love square bars however I haven’t hear of many of the other options you listed. Now I have something new to try!

  5. michelle

    I use RAW.BITE and vanilla berries and coconut are my most favourite. Have you tried RAW.BITE?

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