My 5 Minute Makeup Routine

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Admittedly, you won’t often find me calling myself a fashion or beauty blogger (hello, did you see my IG the other week? If not, you’re in for a treat below…).

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But regardless of what I “call myself,” I do still find it important to try to look my best wherever I’m headed. Sure, I may stop at the grocery store on my way home from a super sweaty hot yoga class and I work a job that allows me to dress fairly casual, but even in these situations, I try to make myself look presentable.


At the same time, I have to admit, when I see all of the beauty bloggers share their “5 or 10 minute” morning beauty routines, I can’t help but think of the stereotypical movie or TV scenarios where the girl tells the guy “5 more minutes” and 20 minutes later, he’s still sitting on the couch twirling his thumb waiting for her to finish her eye makeup.

I’m not that girl.

I’m not the girl who throws a ton of make up on each morning, and very rarely, are you going to find me changing my clothes 10 times before heading off to work or for an evening out with friends. I spend a few minutes picking out what I’m going to wear, throwing it on and making sure I feel good in what I’m wearing, and spend about 5 minutes doing my makeup.

A real 5 minutes.


Here is what that routine looks like (my favorites are linked):

Note: I wash my face in the shower as I have found that is the only way I actually do it, so know that is already out of the way.

Step 1: Moisturize

Someone please tell me why it took me so many years to do this! It always feels so good to put a little moisturizer on my face as soon as I get out of the shower.

Step 2: BB Cream or Liquid Foundation

Rarely do I use the latter unless I have a long day or have a reason I want to look extra put together, otherwise, I find that BB cream is what I need for a clean and natural look.

Step 3: Concealer

A must in making sure I feel confident with my skin and all of it’s imperfections, especially if I’m rocking the Wicked Witch of the West look…catch my drift?

Step 4: Powder & Blush

For me, I find this just helps add an even more natural and glowing look to my skin.

Step 5: Mascara

This just completes the look and helps make my eyes pop.

In, out, and done in 5 minutes. If you haven’t had your first cup of coffee yet, then it may take a bit closer to 10 minutes, in which case, I hope you started the brew while you did your makeup.

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What is your 5 minute beauty routine?

29 thoughts on “My 5 Minute Makeup Routine

    1. Katie Post author

      Easy peasy! Also, washing my face in the shower is the ONLY way it’s going to happen. Then a little makeup remover wipe at night. 😉

    1. Katie Post author

      Yeah, I have to look natural and it has to be quick. I pretty much only wear it to look a little more put together at work.

  1. Rebecca

    This is awesome! I’m a mother of 3 year old twins, a Ph.D. student, and a professional blogger. 5 minutes is EXACTLY what I have for applying makeup. My fave is Miessence organic makeup because it has no synthetic chemicals to clog up your pores. I’m like you: moisturize, foundation, concealer, powder, mascara, go!

    1. Katie Post author

      Ohhhh! I’m going to have to look that up!! I’ve been on the hunt for cleaner makeup options! Also…I don’t know how you do it. 😉

  2. sarah@creatingbettertomorrow

    I’m like you if it takes more than 5 minutes I’m not going to do it…and if I had to choose just ONE thing I have to have it would be mascara…my blonde hair, blonde eye brows, blonde eyelashes, if I don’t do mascara I look CRAZY, it just makes me look awake 🙂
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    1. Katie Post author

      Girl, I get you! If I had to choose ONE thing, it would be BB cream or a light foundation. My skin is red and splotchy and so it helps me feel more confident.

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