5 Must Have Items for Every Girl’s Gym Bag

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Whether you are working out at a gym, going to a yoga studio, CrossFit box, or a little fitness center through your apartment (coughMEcough), there are a few items you should always have on you. Ladies, I’m mostly speaking in your direction for this one.

Every morning when I get ready to walk to the fitness center, I make sure my bag has all of the necessities, throw it over my shoulder, grab my keys and I’m out the door. While I keep my bag packed how I like it, I always give a quick double check just in case something was used up or taken out the other day. So what are these must have items?


Water Bottle

We want to stay hydrated during our workouts, so having water is key. My fitness center has a water cooler with the tiniest little cups ever, so I always have my water bottle so I can refill as necessary and keep myself hydrated.

Ear Buds

Honestly, when it’s just me in the fitness center, I don’t always worry about using my ear buds if I’m working out to a video, but if I’m running on the treadmill, I pop those little babies into my ears and pound out the miles as I get lost in the music. Earbuds are a must for this to happen.

Playtex® Sport® Tampons, Pads & Liners

If you have ever been caught without any protection (or with the wrong kind!) when you needed one, then you understand the importance of this, especially when we are trying to workout! With all of the twisting and turning of our bodies as we move our way through our yoga flow, the last thing we need is that lady flow to come flowing!


Did you know that 75% of young women have admitted to not play a sport or exercise because they’re on their period? I mean, I get it, I was once there too, but with the right protection, like these Playtex® Sport® Body Shape Panty Liners with a thin and super absorbent core to lock fluid away, we can go into that workout confident and make those days of “period shame” a thing of the past! Get your free sample HERE.


I know some gyms provide towels, my little fitness center does not, nor does my yoga studio, so I make sure there is always one in my gym bag so I don’t forget. If I plan to make an attempt at crow mid-hot yoga class, I need to dry off my arms so my legs don’t go slipping and my face make a dive right into the floor. True story.

Extra Hair Ties & Headband

When you have super long hair (or even just shoulder length hair), this is an absolute must! I have never understood how anyone can work out with their hair down, I get hot way too fast! When I am working out, you will always find me with my hair in a ponytail or pineapple bun on the top of my head with a headband around my head to help soak up some of the sweat and keep it out of my eyes.

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Now go check your gym bag and tell me…

Do you have all of the proper supplies in your bag?

Do you have any other “must-have” items for you gym bag?

24 thoughts on “5 Must Have Items for Every Girl’s Gym Bag

    1. Katie Post author

      The face wipes is a great idea! I’m terrible about remembering those, but they’re a definite must, especially if I’m heading to hot yoga after work!

    1. Katie Post author

      I need to be better about having EXTRA extra hair ties…I usually have one but if I need it, then I’m not great about replacing it!

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