5 Places to Spring Clean

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Despite the fact that spring has been hiding, I’m still getting the itch to start spring cleaning. With my roommate away for Spring Break, it’s been the perfect time for me to start tackling some of those tasks on my list so I figured I should share what’s on my list…

spring clean

Kitchen – cupboards/pantry/friday/freezer…throw away any old food!

Bedroom – closet/dressers…donate clothes/shoes that I don’t wear anymore.

Bathroom – medicine cabinet/under the sink…get rid of old medicines, makeup, nail polish, de-clutter.

Garage/Basement/Closets – Go through junk boxes, bags, etc…de-clutter!

Technology – remove files, pictures, downloads, apps, other things you don’t need.


Today’s Motivation In March is kind of fitting in a way, isn’t it?

mim27Totally not on purpose…


What’s on your spring cleaning list?

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