5 Reasons Why It’s Important to Go Vote

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If you don’t live in the US, today’s post may not be so meaningful, but if you do, then I highly urge you to GO VOTE today and if you’ve been on the fence, keep reading…


Regardless of your political affiliation; regardless of your gender or race; GO VOTE.

I don’t talk politics on this blog; it’s really not my forte, but when it comes to elections as important as choosing the next POTUS, I make sure to do my research and show up as an educated voter.

Okay, so this year I voted by mail, so my ballot has been out of my hands, but the point is that I VOTED, and you should too.

Not feeling the motivation to head to the polls? I think I can change your mind with these reasons why it is important to vote.


1. You have a voice

Aka: You have a right to complain. Truthfully, if you aren’t heading to the polls and placing your vote, what ground do you have to stand on to complain about anything the next POTUS does? You don’t; so vote.

2. Because you have researched your decisions and can make an informed vote

I’m not going to tell you who to vote for, though I have very strong opinions on the subject, I just think it’s important that we all show up and make an educated vote, we were granted that power, so use it!

3. Voting is your right

Huge portions of the population, including women, haven’t always had the right to vote and I feel pride for the women who busted their butts to give me (and all women) this right. Show your gratitude and show up to the polls.

4. One vote can make a difference

If you live in a state that’s pretty much a lockdown to swing one way or another, I understand it may seem like your vote doesn’t really matter, but it does. You help change the margin that someone wins, and when it comes down to it, that can create quite the impact.

5. You get a free sticker

If anything, you get a sticker for doing it. Unless you vote by mail, in which case, I did not get one but I made my own little graphic which I proudly display on the blog today for you all to see as my proof. Another benefit is that sometimes local businesses will have a discount or other benefit for people coming in wearing their “I voted” stickers. I know my local yoga studio is offering free classes to anyone who comes in wearing theirs!


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Are you voting?

20 thoughts on “5 Reasons Why It’s Important to Go Vote

  1. Tawni

    WHEN WILL IT BE OVER!!? I was watching CNN this morning in Vienna, and it was 3am in NY and they were broadcasting live. I had to turn off the TV because I was getting all anxious over it already and wasn’t able to focus on the work I needed to get done!

  2. Shelly

    I happily voted last week and had a good talk with my girls (12 and 14) about voting when they come of age. If this election has done anything, it has awaken us (in general) from our apathy by bringing more attention to various parts of the system (like the importance of the Supreme Court, electoral college, etc.), as well as forcing us to reflect on where we *really* stand on certain issues.
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