5 Tips for Keeping a Clean And Organized Fridge

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Last night after work I picked up the final items in my old apartment (vacuum, Swiffer, etc) and dropped off my keys, so I am officially out and into the new place. Even though I’ve spent a few nights in the new place already, dropping off the keys makes everything feel final and official in my mind. When I leave work tomorrow, I get to go right home and be that much closer to making my new four walls feel like my home.

With that said, as much as moving sucks, it’s not all bad in my eyes. One of my favorite things about moving (which I’ve likely mentioned a time or two), is that I get a chance to sort through my stuff, throw out what I no longer need and get everything re-organized in a new and hopefully more manageable fashion. Whether I’m talking about my bedroom closet, my kitchen cabinets or the food in my fridge.

Speaking of…did you know today is Clean Your Refrigerator Day? I’m not even kind of kidding. When was the last time you cleaned your fridge?

I have to admit that I don’t do it nearly enough and when my mom offered to clean out my fridge at the old place my initial reaction was, are you sure? She’s the sweetest and of course didn’t mind; she even told me after that it really wasn’t that bad. (Phew!) But it was a good reminder that I need to be better about cleaning my fridge and I have a good feeling you might too, so here are a few items that make the job a whole lot easier.


All Purpose Cleaner 

Wipe out the shelves with an all purpose cleaner and remove the drawers and wash with warm soap & water.

Baking Soda 

Baking soda helps absorbs odors so if you’re prone to a stinky fridge, this is a must!

Remove old and expired food

If it’s moldy, say bye. If the date is expired, it goes.  If it’s questionable, I still toss it.

Wipe down bottles

We’ve all been there…the salad dressing drips down the side of the bottle or something leaks and not only leaves the fridge gross but the bottle too; take this as an opportunity to clean off the bottles as well as the shelves and drawers.

Get organized 

I am someone who rarely has more than a week’s food in the house at one time. If I bought something in bulk or ended up going out to eat and have leftovers, the only other food in my fridge is a few condiments so my fridge is never all that unorganized, but I know that’s not the case for many people. One way to make that easier is to get some organizational containers like these in various sizes.

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What tips do you have for keeping a clean and organized fridge?

30 thoughts on “5 Tips for Keeping a Clean And Organized Fridge

  1. Kim

    I try to clean my fridge out the day before I go grocery shopping. Nothing more frustrating than bringing home a ton of groceries and having no room in the fridge!

  2. Margaret

    I take care of the fridge at our church. My goodness, what people leave behind! They must believe there mother magically comes in to clean up and sometimes that’s what I feel like.

  3. jennifer

    Ugh this is one of the worst chores ever for me . . between all the extra ingredients for blog recipes, client recipes and feed the voracious appetites of 3 teenage boys (who put stuff back in the fridge EMPTY and GUNKY) I have totally lowered my standards. However, I do get in there about once a month when I can’t stand anymore!

  4. Mandie

    This is something my fiance is always making fun of me for. I never remember the stuff we have in our fridge and always end up buying duplicates, or even worse – letting things go bad because I forget they’re there! I don’t longingly stare into the fridge as often as he does, I guess!

    I need to get one of those fridges that Kirsten Bell and Dax Sheppard advertise with the app where you can see what’s inside from the grocery store/farmers market! Thanks for sharing these tips!

  5. Jessica Bradshaw

    I am a huge fan of organizing and use every holiday as a chance to organize my kitchen, closets, and more. These are great tips. I love keeping baking soda in the fridge for odor.

  6. Chrissy

    I actually do that once a month at least! I am very peculiar about being sanitary in my kitchen. maybe a bit too much, but in my eyes it’s important if food and your health are involved. Does this even make sense? If not, sorry, haha.
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