5 Ways to Find Balance in Life

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I like to think I can do it all. All the things; all the time. But as we all know, that’s not actually how life works.

Sometimes I look back and wonder how I worked a full-time job, part-time job, managed a band, and had a decent social life with time to sleep and workout when these days a full-time job, freelance writing, blogging one day a week seems nearly impossible, let alone trying to have any kind of social life.

Yet I find myself still wanting to add more to my plate, to do more.

Needless to say, I’m looking for balance. I’m looking to do more of the things that fill up my cup, that feel like they’re in-line with my goals, that feel inspired, and with that, do less of the things that don’t meet that criteria.

Sometimes I feel like I need to better manage my time, but really I think it is more about balancing and managing priorities. So how do we go about it?


1. Meditate

I will share my love of meditation forever. Meditation allows you to focus and gain clarity as you quiet the voices, both inside your head and from the outside world. For me this allows me to determine what needs to take precedence and how to move forward in places that I may otherwise be feeling confused.

2. Unplug

Social media can be such a wonderful thing, as it keeps us connected with those who may be far away, learn new things, and meet new people, not to mention, it’s become my full time career. But with the good comes the dark, and sometimes it’s really freeing to unplug and take a break from it. I love when a weekend goes by and I realize I “forgot” to post to social media or while I may have posted in the morning, it didn’t even cross my mind to go back.

3. Take a break

Obviously, a break from social media is good but I also just mean a break in general as well. Take a pause, go for a walk, lay with your legs up the wall, or do whatever you need to do to give yourself some much needed time.

4. Talk it out

This is where our social circle, friends and family really come into play. Sometimes we just need someone to listen to our questions and concerns, maybe offer advice in return, or maybe just vent it out. If you don’t want to talk it out with friends or family, find a therapist or coach and give your worries a voice so you can determine how to move forward.

5. Self care

Did you know September is self care month? I learned after my friend Heather has so sweetly been filling my mailbox with fun surprises, including a little self care checklist. Self care can look a little different for each of us, but the important thing is that we find what helps fill our cup and make sure we build in more of that time.

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How do you find balance in your life?