6 Tips For Drinking Enough Water Throughout The Day

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It can be hard to get enough water throughout the day, I totally get it. Since I workout first thing, I start my day with a bottle of water but next thing I know, it’s lunch time and I’ve only been drinking coffee. Upon the realization, I start chugging but I thought it would be fun today to get some tips on drinking water from some of my fellow bloggers. We all have tips that work for us so I hope you’re able to find one that works for you!

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-Add lemon, berries, mint or cucumbers. If you’re not a “plain” water fan, try adding some fruit for a little flavor boost!

from ME 🙂

-Have a glass of water anything you have something else to drink (coffee, soda, wine). “If I have to drink water anyway, I might as well JUST have water and skip the other.”

from Jessica at Little More Each Day 

-Drink a bottle of water before having coffee in the morning.

from Dani at Weight Off My Shoulders

-Drag a water bottle around with you everywhere you go.

from Farrah at Fairy Burger

-Use a water bottle with a squeeze top. “The water goes down quick and easy.”

from Jes at Running Yogi

-Use an app! “I have an app called Waterlogged and I love it! I set my goal and then it sends me reminders throughout the day.”

from Nicole at Just Glass On The Outside

What are your top tips for drinking enough water throughout the day?

27 thoughts on “6 Tips For Drinking Enough Water Throughout The Day

  1. Keating

    Great tips! I’m horrible at drinking enough water throughout the day. BUT, I did just get myself into the habit of replacing Pepsi with water so it’s baby steps haha I try to only buy bottles of water nowadays so that I always have them around me.

  2. Liz

    I definitely take a bottle EVERYWHERE with me! (def a great excuse to get a cute water bottle and a cute tote bag that fits everything in it 😉 ) My downfall right now is drinking it with coffee. I try to, but I always suck down the coffee a lot faster. I’m really good about drinking water with my wine though!
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  3. Meredith

    I have been known to drink a glass of water after every “fun” drink and I swear by it! I also like the bottles with the reminders on them. I feel like I am good while I am at the gym, but I often forget when I get back to the house. I love all of these types!

  4. Teri

    Oh my goodness!. One of my biggest struggles is drinking water. Always whining about it on Facebook. Thank you for this quick and dirty list.

    I do like the point of drinking it around with you everywhere you go. That one has really help me

  5. Hannah

    Thanks for sharing this!! I’m SO bad about drinking water, like actually horrendously awful. But I do find if I drag a bottle of water with me everywhere I go I’m more likely to drink it. It’s about the only way. I don’t know why, but I never feel super thirsty so I just don’t drink it and then it’s the end of the day and I’ve realized I’ve drunk like 2 glasses and that’s it!

  6. Sheryl

    I totally agree with having a glass of water every time you drink something else. I have a cute water glass that goes with me everywhere. If the water looks good, I’m more likely to drink out of it.
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