7 Travel Tips You Need to Know

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It’s hard to believe the holiday season is already here! I had hoped to publish this post a couple weeks ago but time and busy schedules got away from me before I could get the notes turned into actual words and coherent sentences. Regardless, while it’s about to be Thanksgiving the week this post is going live, the content is not strictly for the purpose of holiday travel so it is still completely relevant for today and moving forward.

I absolutely love to travel and since the boy does too, we’re already thinking about places we need to put on the list to visit, both within the states and outside. First up is our trip to Nebraska next month for Amanda’s wedding which we are putting the final touches on getting booked, planned, and coordinated.

Anyway, before I get off too far down the rabbit hole, here are some must-know tips to make traveling easier, cheaper, and a lot more fun:

Use cash back sites for booking travel

I’m known to have about 4 different sites open when I’m looking at airline travel to see what makes the most sense, where I’m getting the best deal, and if one site is showing better flight times than another. I also generally cross reference this information with the price on the actual airline’s website to see if they’re cheaper (sometimes they are, other times they are not). With that said, I always try to utilize cash back websites like Ebates or Swagbucks. With these sites, they aren’t jacking up my cost, but rather allowing me to earn a percentage back. While it’s usually a small percentage, it definitely adds up and in my eyes, it’s always worth checking out!

Bring an empty water bottle with you

I’m always surprised how many people don’t know you can bring an empty water bottle through airport security. This day in age, there are so many easy-fill water stations at the airport, there’s no reason to spend $5 on a bottle of water once you get through security. Bring your own, fill it when you get there, and board your plane knowing you’ll be fully hydrated.

Pack healthy snacks

The last time I flew, I was asked to remove all food from my bag so they could scan it separately. It seemed weird but I guess there’s a first time for everything. Ultimately, they didn’t care about my protein bars, sandwich, fruit, and veggies. So many airports have a lot of healthier options than they used to, but I still prefer to bring my own food when I can, just in case but also to save a little extra cash. The last thing you want is to find yourself starving with a BigMac as your only option.

Pack immune boosters

I am pretty sure the last time I flew, I got sick. If it wasn’t someone on the flight that actually made me sick, I’m sure my immune system was in overdrive and ultimately just couldn’t keep up so I ended up sick. I also forgot to take any of my usual immune boosting supplements which definitely didn’t help the case. I’m a big fan of doTERRA’s OnGuard line and make sure to have the drops and soft gels, but I think Emergen-C is another great option.

Bring cleaning wipes

It’s so gross that this is what I often forget but as we all know, airplanes are gross! (Remember? I got sick!) With that said, I would definitely recommend bringing some hand sanitizer (I love that doTERRA now has one!) and cleaning wipes so you can wipe down the arm rest, tray table, and anywhere else you may be tempted to touch or lean on.

Book travel early to save money

It becomes especially true during the holiday season that you want to book your travel as early as you know your plans because flight prices seem to just keep rising. With Amanda’s wedding right around the holidays, the boy and I had to coordinate our schedules and work availability which meant we didn’t our flights booked as early as I would have liked and not only did we less flight options time-wise, the prices were definitely more expensive than I was hoping for. Learn from me, book early and save.

If you’re flying, don’t wrap gifts

While it may not be fun to try and pack gift wrap, remember that TSA may need to see what’s inside your box or bag and if there’s a wrapped gift that’s in question, you will generally have to unwrap it. Save yourself some hassle and just wrap the gifts once you get to your final destination. This is also where gift bags are great as they’re a lot easier to pack in your suitcase.

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I’ll be flying twice in December, plus traveling back to Illinois for the holidays so you can bet I’ll be taking my own advice for every trip!

Are you traveling for the holidays this season?

Do you have any other travel tips you suggest?