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We bought an AppleTV shortly after I moved in.  We may not have a big screen, but a TV that allows us to have an AppleTV is perfect with us.  Especially since we can stream Netflix.  And boy have we taken advantage of that.

My current Netflix pick?

Saved by the Bell!

I loved 90s TV!  I loved waking up Saturday and Sunday mornings and watching Saved by the Bell with my sister.  Ahh the memories!

But if you’re a kid of the 90s, I’m sure you’re right there with me on the 14 Teen Idols We Wish Would Make a Comeback that was posted in the Huffington Post.

Now, I don’t exactly agree with all of their choices, but there’s definitely a few that I’d be just fine seeing what they’re up to these days:

Mark-Paul Gosselaar

Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT!)

John Stamos

What 90s TV stars do you wish would make a comeback?

2 thoughts on “90s TV Stars

  1. A Belle in DC

    John Stamos was in a Oikos commercial that I saw this weekend. It made me about 300% more interested in buying it solely because Uncle Jesse told me it was delicious.

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