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Working from home has many ups and downs (just ask Amanda!) and just like any new job, it definitely comes with it’s own adjustment period. Some days I’m pretty sure I’m still adjusting. Regardless, I thought it might be fun to do a little “day in the life” today so you guys could get a glimpse into what my days look like. I don’t really think I have a “normal” so to speak, but this was definitely a good day to share.


5:45a – Alarm goes off. Quickly check emails and social media. Change into gym clothes. 

6:05a – Out the door for the gym.

6:25a – Today’s workout is a 30 mins cross-training interval workout on the elliptical.


7:10a – Leave gym and drive home (avoid traffic!!) – rush home to put out trash cans.

7:30a – Breakfast – chia pudding w/ banana & almond butter

7:45a – Shower and get ready for my day.


9:00a – Sit down in front of computer with water & coffee & dial in to morning meeting.

11:45a – Meeting ends, quickly catch up on emails & texts that came in during meeting.

12:00p – Grab mail, bring in trash cans, make lunch – chocolate berry green smoothie.

12:20p – Change location..grab laptop and move downstairs to work.

1:45p – Snack time #1 – orange + rice cake w/ peanut butter

2:30p – Back to working at my desk, but first, mid-afternoon break of today’s Sudoku puzzle…I may have a problem. 😉


2:45p – New Young the Giant album? I’m listening (while working, of course)!

4:00p – More tea, please!


5:00p – Instagram break/solitaire/stop staring at computer break 😉

5:30p – New band research.

6:15p – Break for dinner/hanging with roommate for a bit.

7:00p – Write and prep Thursdays blog post.

8:00p – Get ready for bed & prep for next day (gym clothes set out, workout ready, etc), mix of work, blog stuff & additional prep.

9:00p – Climb into bed, check socials, play solitaire on phone, set alarm.

9:45p – Bed – I’m BEAT!


I don’t always wake up at the butt-crack of dawn if I don’t have to. Since working from home gives me the ability to roll out of bed and work in my PJs (though I honestly don’t often do that!), sometimes I’ll move my workout until later in the day and just start working while drinking my coffee/eating breakfast. It’s also not that often when I have a 3 hour meeting to start my day, thank goodness! It was a really good meeting but it’s definitely a little awkward when you need to sneak away to the bathroom because you had too much said coffee/water. 😉


And make sure you come back tomorrow because I’ll share my top tips for working from home!


Are you a first-thing in the morning gym-goer?

Any other sudoku obsessed out there?

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    1. Katie Post author

      I had a note on my phone that I just updated throughout the day with what I was doing, etc. Otherwise I would never remember either!

    1. admin Post author

      Don’t you love how it’s groups of people and then ME…talk about awkward moment when I had to pee mid-meeting… 😉

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