A Day in the Life

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Some of my most popular posts over the years have been “a day in the life” posts. I love writing them and documenting my day and then hearing how everyone else’s days go in comparison. We all have our own unique routines and I always find there’s something new to learn or take away from someone’s habits. Here’s my day…

4:15am – Alarm goes off,  up and out of bed immediately. After waking up exhausted and sore the last 2 days, it was great to wake up with energy and ready to start my day. I scroll through my phone for a few (I know! Bad habit!), change for the gym and take a swig of iced coffee from the fridge.

4:30am – Light a candle and sit down to meditate. When the timer went off to get up, I just wanted to stay. I went through my mantra a few more times then got up.

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4:50am – Workout! I was planning to run and do a strength workout but with plans to go to yoga and a rough couple days physically, I decided to not overdue it and stuck to my planned 2 ½ mile run. It was tough but it felt really good. After finishing my run I walk a bit to finish the episode of my podcast and post to social…don’t judge! 😉

5:45am  – Back home and time to get ready. This particular day was International Women’s Day and A Day Without A Woman. While I did go to work (I realized it would impact me and my work week more to skip…which is probably part of the point) but I made sure to wear red to stand unified with my soul sisters.

6:15am – Time for coffee, packing my bag for the day, and breakfast. I made an avocado chocolate smoothie with a coconut-fat-filled coffee. Yum!

7:00am – Time to do the final jog around the apartment to get ready and actually get my booty out the door. While driving to work, I listened to Brene Brown’s ‘Rising Strong.’

7:45am – I’ve arrived to work. I get clocked in and settled to work for awhile. I have a quick convo with a coworker about The People vs. OJ Simpson mini series which I finished watching the night before. While I work, I listen to podcasts.

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12:45pm – Time for a break! I shut my office door, turn off the lights and cozy up in a chair for a 10 minute meditation. This is my favorite way to reset the day, regardless of how it’s going.

1:00pm – Lunch! I have a horrible habit of eating at my desk so I grab my lunch and bring it back to my desk to eat and work. Today’s lunch is hard boiled eggs, steamed broccoli, smashed sweet potatoes, and 1 Tbsp chipotle like mayo.

4:00pm – Time to go! I have an appointment with the chiropractor today so I head to GR for that appointment. Since I get there a bit early, I take the opportunity to eat part of my packed dinner while I wait in my car until it’s a better time to head inside.

5:00pm – Chiro. This was a much needed adjustment.

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5:30pm – I arrive at my yoga studio. I’m a bit early, but head inside, lay down my mat and rest in supported fish pose until class starts.

7:15pm – Class is over, time to head home.

7:50pm – Finally home for the day. I make a snack of full fat coconut milk, almond butter, cinnamon and pecans, make a mug of Natural Calm, watch 2 episodes of The Office and catch up on my email.

9:00pm – Time to shut down for the evening. I brush my teeth, journal for a few and shut out the lights. Some nights I take a few minutes to read but tonight, I’m just ready to sleep. I listen to a super short guided meditation while I lay in bed.