A Day In The Life (#bloggerfail edition)

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1:30am- wake up, grab sip of water, check phone. Fell asleep super early last night and surprised there weren’t any distress calls sent out. Try to go back to sleep.

4:30-alarm goes off. Roll over, take O2Gold and fall back asleep.
Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 9.05.36 PM
4:55-finally get out of bed & get ready for CrossFit & leave.
5:30- CrossFit and after leave for Ethereal to meet Sam for some work before our meeting
7:00am – change into jeans and 50 states tshirt, have iced coffee with coconut milk, RXbar & banana while helping Sam with her computer and starting to sort through our day
9:00am – meeting with the Woodstock Jaycees president to talk about our event on Thursday
10:00am – meeting with the police chief to discuss what we’re doing and invite to our event
11:00am – drop sam back off at ethereal and drive to my work meeting
11:30am – inventory and meeting at work
1:00pm – drive back to Ethereal to meet back up with Sam
1:30pm – order lunch and sit down with Sam and one of the owners of Ethereal (our new friend!)
2:00pm – return to work – trying to get an RV, writing blog posts, working on the 50 States newsletter, etc.

5:30pm- drive to sam’s house to make dinner
6:30pm-eat dinner (soup & cauliflower rice)
7:00pm-drive back to ethereal for a glass of wine
10pm-they close & we head home
11:30pm- fall asleep after texting with a few friends for awhile
(Disclaimer: all photos are pre-used…because while i remembered to record my whole day, I forgot to take a single picture. #bloggerfail)
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