A Day In the Life – WIAW Style

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The irony of setting out on a Day in the Life post revolving around what I’m eating is that it ended up being far from a normal day in the life of my eating habits. Oops! But regardless, I’m setting out to clean up my diet even better but more so, tune into my hunger cues and break away from the emotional, boredom and “it’s time to eat” behaviors that we all struggle with from time to time. So here’s what my day looked like!


5:30am – awake, write in journal, clean apartment (Obviously not food but shows that I ate when I got hungry, not just because I was awake!)

7:00am – banana with almond butter


7:15am – 1 scoop protein powder, 1 Skoop, 1 cup almond milk


9:30am – Blovely Skoop

10:00am – apple, iced coffee with almond milk

11:30am – blueberry RXbar


2:15pm – veggies with guac, coffee with almond milk, berries with almond butter


4:30pm – salad w/ tahini dressing, a small handful plantain chips

Recycled picture but this is pretty much what my salad looked like.

Recycled picture but this is pretty much what my salad looked like.

6:30pm – a few more plantain chips with almond butter (I think?)


It was an early morning that ended with an early evening. And the important thing was that for the most part, I was able to stay in tune with my hunger cues, hence the strange times and food choices.  😉


How do you avoid the emotional/boredom eating and stay in tune with your hunger cues? 

What are some foods that you’ve been enjoying lately?

6 thoughts on “A Day In the Life – WIAW Style

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