A Heavy Heart…

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“Today why don’t you love a little deeper, laugh a little louder, hold the ones you love a little tighter. Because tomorrow is never promised.”

10151128_10100148659991189_846024489_nIt’s always a tough reality. We’re suddenly reminded just how precious life is. And just how quickly it can be taken away from us.

My heart has been heavy these past two days since finding out a friend and old coworker of mine passed away. We worked together at Apple while both living in LA. I moved back home to IL and he moved back home to NJ shortly after. I was saving up to (hopefully) move back to Boston and he was saving up to travel the world.

He lived and died doing just that.

He was traveling in Cambodia and from the sounds of it, got a virus that took his life rather quickly. It went from a Facebook post about a happy bird Saturday evening, to my timeline being filled with “RIP” posts Monday morning. My heart aches for his family, but my heart also aches for the world, for losing such a great, passionate and young person.

“I promise I shall never give up, & that I’ll die yelling & laughing.”

James Hart

You’re already so very missed, my friend.

Hug those you love a little closer today. Share your dreams with those around you. Laugh a little louder and smile a little wider when you see your friends. Stop taking shit so seriously and have fun. Leave your impact on the world.

“Snoozing is delaying life. And I’m guilty. We’re all guilty. The challenge is to not press snooze. But to wake and live as much as you can before sun down.”

James Hart

I got it James, no snooze button today.

“We must enjoy the little things that fall into place because one thing is for sure and that is: the longer you hang around the more you realize how short this life is. Your life is yours for making. So put on your best smile and get out there.”

James Hart

6 thoughts on “A Heavy Heart…

  1. Jaclyn @ BumpSweat

    I’m deeply sorry for your loss. A similar thing happened to a close family friend of mine. He traveled around the world on a sailboat and was docked in India when he caught a virus and passed away along in his hotel room. But he lived life to the fullest every day, and it sounds like your friend was a lot like him. Cherish the memories you have of him but also take the time you need to grieve.

  2. Larissa

    There is never a good time or the perfect way for someone to pass on, but at least he was following his dream to travel. Sounds like he was living his life to the fullest. Hugs to you, his family and other friends.

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