A Moment You Wish You Could Relive – Day 23

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I’m stumped.  Is that bad?  It’s not that there aren’t moments I want to relive, because I have some great memories that I would love to relive but at the same time, if we relive those moments over again, are they really as special the second time?  That’s my fear.  Instead I look forward to creating new memories that I’ll carry with me forever.  But for the sake of this topic, here are some amazing moments in my life, in no particular order (and of course I know there are some escaping my mind purely because I want to write about them right now):
-Trip to Paris with my parents and sister
-Every trip to Disney World
-Receiving my acceptance letter to Berklee College of Music
-Performing with my best friend Tracey at the variety show our junior year of high school (every performance we did together was awesome but this was the first one and we blew the world out of the water.  I will never forget how big our smiles were that day.  Not sure if I’ve ever smiled that big before.)
-Graduation college (not graduation itself…I passed out and hardly remember it, but the act of finishing my college education).
-Packing up my life and moving across the country, getting stuck in Utah (I never want to relive Beaver City, Utah again!)
-Every moment I was able to prove my singing abilities to someone (whether that be my vocal teacher, choir director, the rest of the choir, or other people singly).
-The night I went into NYC with Ida to see Wesley Jeremiah for the first time to gauge my interest in management.  Now they’re The Lumineers and as they say it, the rest is history.
-Every time I see The Lumineers live it reignites the fire to push them to the success they deserve and spread the music the world needs to hear.
-Being a “junior” bridesmaid in my grandma’s wedding – how many people can say that? 
-Three words: THE. COPY. CATS.  (For those of you not in my family, this was the band made up of my sister, cousin Drew, cousin Shawn, and myself.  We rocked!)
-Standing in front of the door at my grandma’s old house staring at my mom and aunt after eating my ice cream and realizing I lost (and apparently swallowed) my first tooth.
-The “jean shirt club” – an extension of the copy cats
-Being in love
Okay, so that last one I do hope to relive at some point.  And I know it’s not a moment, it’s a feeling.  But that feeling led to so many amazing moments and memories just because every minute with that person was never long enough but was full of happiness.  Nothing beats that feeling.  And all I can do is hope that I stumble upon it again one day. 

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