A morning that feels like fall…

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Growing up in the midwest, I have a love for changes in the seasons, particularly the “in-betweeners” aka spring and fall.  I love spring thunderstorms (though I’d lose the tornadoes) and watching the flowers peaking their way out from under the ground.  Despite my birthday being in the spring, fall may be my favorite season hands down.  I love watching the colors on the trees change, the cool crisp days that make you want to wrap up in a sweater or blanket, apple picking and the cravings for apple and pumpkin recipes.  It really is one of my favorite times of year and one of the things I miss most living in LA.

Most people would probably think I’m crazy that I’d be willing to change 70* and sunny nearly year round for seasons.  Holidays don’t feel the same to me out here as I have apparently attached certain weather conditions to that time of year, and therefore holiday. 

It was to my utter delight that September left LA with thunder, lightning and rain! This was the first time in the 2 years I’ve been in LA, that I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing this without thinking I was going crazy!  It’s rained, yes but lightning and thunder?  I always thought I was making things up.  Yesterday I knew I was not!
And then October greeted itself with a nice little chill this morning.  Like the fall chill I love and miss so much.  I ran downstairs, started a pot of coffee, grabbed a blanket and opened up the back door, eating my breakfast and enjoying this weather.  I expect it will gone shortly but I’ll take whatever ounce of fall LA is willing to give me. (And I should probably go shopping for some boots for the winter rain…have any recommendations?)
Anyway, I know that wherever I end up deciding to settle down, will most likely be somewhere that I can truly experience the beautiful changing seasons, especially fall. 
Happy Saturday!