A Photo of the item you last purchased – Day 9

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I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of boots for YEARS!  Each year come “boot season” I find myself going on the hunt for the perfect pair of boots, particularly flat boots.  I wish I could tell you this year I finally succeeded in my search, but I didn’t.  The problem I run into each year is boots being way too big around my calves.  And I don’t mean like a little big, I mean like not wearable big.  
So as I’ve spent this season looking for boots and being scared away by their fit and / or price tag, I finally came to a conclusion:  it’s okay to spend some money on a good pair of boots because chances are they will last for years, so consider it an investment.  
It’s interesting because I spend $150 on a pair of good running shoes but the shoes that I actually wear on a daily basis, I have trouble spending more than $50.  That makes no sense and I’m well aware of it, especially since I’m sure I end up spending more money overall replacing the crappy shoes I’m always needing to buy and replace.
So last week I decided to pick up my hunt for boots again with the mindset that while price is a factor, it’s not the determining factor.  I got off work early one day and went walking down the promenade with a friend of mine.  We walked into a few stores, did a loop and walked right back out.  Honestly, I was overwhelmed.  Overwhelmed with options and prices tags and felt like I really had no idea what I was looking for.  I was discouraged.  (After this was when I walked into TJ Maxx and bought those adorable black heels I posted last week!)  I decided to take my search online, checking out my options from the comfort of my own home, away from the fast paced must-make-a-decision-now environment of retail shopping.  I went to Aldo’s website and found an adorable pair of flat knee high boots – just what I was looking for!  They were a little pricey but seemed well worth every penny.  I took a screen shot and was showing the photos to my friends, gathering their input and the verdict was positive – get them!  
Hoping to avoid shipping costs, I went to the Aldo store looking for them – no such luck.  But that was okay, I would purchase them online and then be able to try them and return them to the store if they didn’t fit right but I had high hopes.  Too bad they didn’t have my size online…I was devastated and back to the drawing board.  
The other pair of boots I had found and liked, I realized I didn’t like nearly as much and didn’t feel quite so comfortable spending so many pretty pennys on.  I continued my search and while they aren’t flat boots, I found a really adorable pair of heeled boots that would fill my boot void for the year and are stylish enough to last for years, and I will resume the flat boot search next year.  So I walk into Aldo again looking for them – nope, not there.  So I order them online, I find an online coupon code to get a discount (!!!) and wait…fingers crossing they fit the way I want them to when they finally arrive on my door step.
This long, drawn out story of finding the perfect pair of boots is finally coming to an end with today’s writing challenge topic: a picture of the last item I purchased – aka, THE boots!


Now, I’m sorry to any and all of my male readers out there who care nothing about the story of obtaining the hopefully perfect heeled boots, but it was necessary to share because it’s my blog and I can do whatever I want. 🙂
In other news, I’m loving my new position at work.  Sometimes I miss being on the floor (who knew?) but mostly because I miss seeing some of my coworkers faces all day and “hanging” out with them.  When you’re back in the office all day, you are a point of contact for someone, but not necessarily someone who they need everyday or have a reason to come back there other than a quick “hello.”  Either way though I’m really enjoying it.  There isn’t a lot of training involved, it’s more a “jump right in” kind of position.  I like that though.  That is hands-down the thing that I hate about new jobs or new positions; I hate being in that transition of “being new” and not really knowing your position.  Don’t get me wrong, I am in that transition here but the things that require training I am picking up really quickly but I’m also being given important roles and I’m not really treated like I’m “new” – it’s great!  I like doing work that makes me feel like I have a purpose and people rely on me, as opposed to feeling like I’m just there or taking on the busy work tasks others don’t want to do.  I’m sure this role will have it’s moments that I’ll just want to go crazy but right now, I’m really excited and optimistic!