A Photo of You Today + 3 Good Things from the last 30 days – Day 30

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Well unfortunately, each moment I feel like I could be getting over whatever this is, something new tends to pop up.  Yesterday I couldn’t eat breakfast but come lunch time, while I wasn’t really hungry, I was able to eat some veggie soup and a little bread from Panera.  This morning I made my usual breakfast of toast with peanut butter and banana and coffee, ate one piece and couldn’t keep it down.  :eye twitch: Then I fell asleep for about 3 hours on the couch.  Woke up, tried to eat some cereal – nope, that’s not happening either.  I’ve now eaten 3 saltine crackers and had a shot of aloe juice and I’m still feeling a little queezy.  Not to mention my right eye keeps twitching uncontrollably which I don’t think is helping anything.  I’ve taken my temperature twice today, no fever which is good, but I feel like I’m on fire.  I ran out of tissues last night and haven’t had the energy to drag myself to the store for more, yet somehow I’m going to try and make it through work.  I did yesterday so it can be done.  Though I felt like I was doing pretty well yesterday. :eye twitch:  My goal was at least to make it through half the day and when it hit that point, I was doing pretty well.  Let’s hope for the same luck today.  
I’m also desperately craving the gym and a good workout. :eye twitch:  It feels like it’s been forever.  It’s been nearly a week.  Same thing.  I need some stat bike, weights, elliptical, yoga, treadmill…must I continue.  I’m in neeeeeeed of it. :eye twitch:
Anyway, it’s the last day of my blogging challenge.  You know what that means?  Starting tomorrow I go back to talking about whatever I want to…or don’t want to…or fish for topics.   Chances are I’ll have plenty to talk about.  I usually do.  :eye twitch:
I’ll be honest, I’m not giving you a picture from today.  The affect this illness has had on me is far from pretty, so I’m choosing a recent picture instead.  I think that’s fair. :eye twitch:

As for the 3 good things that have happened in the past 30 days:
-promotion at work 
-blogged!! (and found more people who enjoy reading my blog!)
-hung out with some amazing friends 🙂
:eye twitch: :eye twitch: