A Picture of You from 2 Years Ago – Day 5

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Well this is an easy one…“A picture of You from 2 Years Ago”
This picture is from the trip my family and I went on 2 years ago to Paris, France.  My sister was in the Peace Corps in Senegal, Africa and this was going to be the first holiday we weren’t all together.  My parents decided that it would be fun for us to meet in Paris.  I flew to Illinois (from NJ, where I was living at the time) and we spent Christmas in IL, then the day after Christmas my parents and I flew to Paris and met up with my sister.  Bethany spent Christmas with a friend in London and then joined us in Paris the next day.  We got to hang out in Paris for a few days sightseeing, taking pictures, walking and (as this picture reflects) being very cold.  There was one night when Bethany and I decided to go walking down where they had a strip of outdoor “shops” and drank hot chocolate and vin chaud (hot wine).  It was fun.  It was a really great trip and I hope to someday make it back to Paris (maybe even March?!).

And for a few more pictures from the trip, because I can. 🙂

The Eiffel Tower all lit up and beautiful at night.

The breakfast I ate every morning we were there: baguettes (1 with cheese, 1 with apricot spread), applesauce and cafe au lait…DELICIOUS! 🙂

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  1. Mom

    These pictures bring back great memories for me too. 🙂 It shouldn't be that hard to recreate that breakfast here but for some reason it is…

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