A Retail Christmas

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The thing that really stinks about working retail is that holidays are almost non-existent, especially around Christmas time as it is our busiest time of the year.  Sometimes we’re able to have a few days off, other times, it’s just not in the stars.  Unfortunately, this year for me, it just couldn’t happen.  I get to go home a few days after Christmas which is great, so don’t get me wrong, but obviously not getting to be with your family ON Christmas and partaking in the usual Christmas traditions is a bit sad.
I worked 6:30a-3:30p today and filled my belly with tons of sweets and unhealthy foods.  (I could definitely go for a good workout right about now.)  One of my managers took me out to breakfast which was unexpected but delicious and amazingly appreciated.  We went to Jinky’s Cafe for crunchy french toast.  I know how weird this sounds, but I can’t recommend it enough, especially cinnamon and topped with blueberries.  Several cookies and a trip to the grocery store after work and here I sit watching Something’s Gotta Give and trying to keep myself awake.
I have my Christmas Day planned out, at least in terms of the food.  That’s where my foodie nature comes out.  Well that and I have to at least try to uphold some Christmas traditions even though I’m doing Christmas on my own.  Lots of food, Harry Potter 6, movies and Skype / FaceTime chats with good friends and family.  I guess that’s the next best thing, right?


Merry Christmas Eve!  I hope Santa leaves you all that you hoped for and more.