A Return to Bouldering & Weekly Workouts #35

Happy (almost) 4th of July and a (belated) Canada Day! (Or Happy Wednesday to my friends in other parts of the word). I’m not really doing anything to celebrate this week, aside from enjoying the day entirely off from work. I don’t have to teach yoga, work my full-time job, or my part-time job. I’m hoping the weather clears from what they’re currently predicting so I can get in my long run for the week outside, take the puppy on several long walks, and maybe also take some time to sit by the pool and read. 

This past week my team went to a local bouldering gym and I was reminded how fun it is to go bouldering! I was super sore for days but was grateful for the experience to go and I think it’s something I want to try and do more of in the near future. It’s another thing to try and fit into my marathon training schedule, so I’m not sure how often it will happen but it’s fun, tests my body, provides community, and helps me overcome my (mild) fear of heights. 


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3 weeks of marathon training are almost completely in the books. ✅ Ready for some takeaways? . 1️⃣ It’s more mindset than anything in this stage of things. Long runs are just a mental game. . 2️⃣ Rest days are a must and they’ve never felt better in my life. . 3️⃣ Running back to back days isn’t as awful as it used to feel in my body. . 4️⃣ While there’s still a ways to go, it already feels like it’s coming up so quickly. . 5️⃣ I can already visualize myself crossing the finish line and that’s SO powerful. . 💡 While these may be geared towards running, I think the lessons run a LOT deeper than what’s on the surface. . What’s a big goal you’re working on right now?

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Anyway, let’s move on to my workouts from last week…

Monday 6/24:

Tuesday 6/25:
3-mile recovery (11:00)
Total Body Workout

Wednesday 6/26:
(2x) 200m at 5k (9:10-treadmill 6.5)
(4x) 400m at Mile pace (8:30-treadmill 7)
(2x) 200m at 5k
(4x) 400m at Mile pace
60 second recovery between each 200m interval and 2 minute recovery between each 400m interval
Yoga class

Thursday 6/27:

Friday 6/28:

Saturday 6/29:
6.5 miles

Sunday 6/30:
4-mile recovery run

How were your workouts last week? Have you ever tried bouldering?

3 thoughts on “A Return to Bouldering & Weekly Workouts #35

  1. Eli@CoachDaddy

    Bouldering sounds fierce! I’ve been pretty good at keeping up disc golf almost daily. I’ve been playing at a fast pace, throwing accurately and keeping my heart rate up. It feels like a good 24-hour bubble of feeling good afterward. I love it.

  2. Beth

    Bouldering sounds so interesting! I bet it does make you sore though! Nothing wrong with no major plans for the 4th of July holiday. Sometimes it’s nice to just relax!

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