A Safe Space

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Saturday afternoon Sam and I are sitting in my room talking about the week we had, the week ahead, what’s going on, and what we still have to do. We’ve been on a huge roller coaster this past week and there’s definitely been some tears shed. At one point, I could just feel the stress building inside of me so I moved the computer from my lap, walked over to the other computer, turned the music up and sat down on the floor putting my head down and just soaking up the music.

For about 3 minutes I allowed myself to get lost in it. I didn’t think or worry or plan or strategize. I just closed my eyes, breathed and allowed myself to totally get lost in the music that was swirling all around me.


After the song was over, Sam and I left for a few errands and then joined a friend for dinner and drinks.

When Sunday came around though, there wasn’t anything else I wanted to listen to. I spent my evening with Lord Huron playing. Being reminded of why I love it so much, how I’m able to get lost in the music and tune into my most inner self.

If you didn’t know music could do that, it can.

This isn’t the first time I’m sharing Lord Huron and it won’t be the last.

Whether it’s the same songs as last time, different ones or what. It doesn’t change the fact that it reaches out to me and offers a safe space.

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