A Sleepy Fitness Friday

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I apologize for the delay in posting this morning. Actually, no, I don’t. #SorryNotSorry. 😉 my flight was already due in late but after a delay in Boston, and a delay in Charlotte, my flight didn’t get in until midnight. By the time I got my bag, got to my car, cleaned off/warmed up my car, and got home it was nearly 1:45am. By the time I emailed a client so I wouldn’t feel rushed to wake up super early and get back to him then, it was after 2. Yeah, see? Sorry, not sorry.


There’s going to be a lot of coffee today, I can tell you that for sure.


Because I’m tired, because I’ve apparently lost my voice and because I need to figure out what my afternoon/evening looks like as I make my way into the city (and apparently battle snow!), I have to make this a quick one. So let’s get to the workouts this week.



For traveling this week I think I did pretty good at staying active, even if my workouts were shorter and not at the same intensity, the big thing was that I MOVED.


Friday 12/6

Strength – legs

1 mile run

Saturday 12/7


Sunday 12/8

5k run

Monday 12/9

Rest/travel/city walking

Tuesday 12/10

10 mins stat bike

My twist on LifesABowl elf workout w changes

Round 1 – half push-ups half dips

Round 2 – bicycles for mountain climbers / biceps curls for push-ups

Round 3 – super mans for mc / upright row for push-ups / side planks both sides

photo-4Wednesday 12/11

Strength – full body & abs

Thursday 12/12

2 mile run

Now on to the party!



How was everyone’s week?

How did you stay active this week?

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