A Song to Match Your Mood – Day 8

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This is a fun one, I like it. 🙂
It was kind of a difficult one to come up with, yet at the same time pretty easy. 
The song I chose is called “Flowers In Your Hair” by The Lumineers.  I’m sure it seems silly that I chose to do a song by the band that I manage, but I can’t help it.  Their music hits me on so many levels, which is why I feel like I’m such a great person to work with them – I can really get behind the music and they won’t just be “another band on the roster.”
This lyrics is the song remind me of growing up, something that we face everyday yet it’s also just a fun-loving song that makes you want to get up and dance, bob your head or stomp your feet.  It represents life and love – “the beat in my heart.” 
Enjoy this video from the ‘Bar Bar Apartment Sessions’ in Portland, OR in September 2010: 
ALSO, I can FINALLY announce that I received a promotion at work!! The anxiousness can finally subside and we can celebrate!  I not only received full-time, but I got the position I wanted a few months ago but couldn’t get due to my limited availability at the time – office admin!  Basically this means I am no longer working on the sales floor, but rather taking on duties that allow me to support the entire staff.  The people that I work with are pretty amazing so being put in a position to support them, is very exciting for me!